Jura Impressa C65 Machine Review

Are you looking for a good coffee maker that is not only reliable in producing hot espresso but also within your budget and easy to operate and packed with essential features? This is a reliable automatic coffee machine that is user-friendly and can turn your home kitchen into a private coffee hub.

Who Can Buy/Benefit from this Product? 

The Jura Impressa C65 is ideal for those who want to enjoy a milk-based espresso or basic drink without the sweat. The C65 automatic has a programmability feature like coffee strength and temp; however, there are no milk-based choices. You only acquire as much as steamed milk as you want prior to shutting the steaming off. Anyone searching for particular milk-based drinks like macchiatos or cappuccinos would be advised to get a high-end coffee maker. 

Loving coffee doesn’t need to be complicated with a fine-tuned machine created by a reliable company, just like when you consider the Jura Impressa C65. 

Product Description 

The Jura Impressa C65 automatic coffee machine is considered one of the best coffee makers from Jura. It is a highly recommended product due to the integrated smart rotary switch, which functions well along with an LCD or screen that clearly shows the menu settings. This allows you to customize your drink or choose basic espresso and make all needed changes in just one touch of a button. 

With fantastic design and striking appearance which will surely go along with your kitchen decoration, the Impressa c65 from Jura is a coffee machine that you want to add in your kitchen arsenal. What makes this machine apart from the rest is that it makes use of a combination of silver and black with a few metallic panels at the façade which pick up the chrome utilized on the spouts, knob as well as switch. You can adjust the height of the spout up to four inches and can work with a latte macchiato cup. 

Even if it appears like a commercial coffee maker, the Jura C65 is very user-friendly. Utilizing the rotary switch allows you to produce an essential espresso as well as other drinks only in a simple step. It is easy to clean and maintain

Product Features 

The Jura C65 automatic is considered one of the best coffee machines due to the integrated state of the art features such as: 

  • One Switch

Rather than featuring lots of knobs to turn and buttons to tap like other coffee makers out there, the Jura Impressa C65 is integrated with only one switch which controls almost the whole thing. You can use the switch to choose from temperature controls, 11 language settings, as well as other features. Your choices will appear on the plain text display. 

  • Hot Water Feature

In case you’re in the mood for anything else, you can use the feature. The water comes out hot for steeping with teabags. Also, you can make use of this feature for mixing with instant coffee or powdered hot choco. 

  • ThermoBlock Heating System

Due to this feature, now you can quickly get the coffee you want. ThermoBlock Heating System stays the water at the ideal temperature level and generates hotter coffee, as well. 

  • Larger Bar

The Jura C56 automatic has a 15-pump high-performance bar that does a remarkable function of mixing the beans in the chamber with hot water to make a virtually roasted scent. This large bar also makes sure that you acquire each drop of flavor from the bean straight into your cup. 

  • Set the Strength

This automatic coffee machine allows you to choose the strength you want. A high strength setting produces a coffee that can stand up on its own, while a lower setting produces a weaker up but still have the savor you’re craving for. 

  • Plain Text Display

This feature can be found on the left portion of the coffee maker above the rotary switch. This shows the settings you choose in red color, which makes it very visible. This can also be used if you want to change the language. 

  • Coffee Spout

The Jura C65 has adjustable spouts integrated at the front of the machine. Those spouts drop-down for filling usual cups. It rises to accommodate taller macchiato cups, thus prevents the coffee from spilling. 

  • Fine Foam Frother

The Jura C65 automatic also integrated with the fine foam frother feature. This is useful in adding milk foam to your espresso, although you want some milk on top of traditional coffee.

  • Easy Clean and Maintain 

The Jura C65 is easy to clean. You adjust the dial to choose the cleaning mode put in the cleaning tablet and add some water, and that’s it. You can now use your machine again. 

  • Ground Coffee Bypass

With this feature, you can quickly produce decaf coffee as fast as you can. The door pops open and allows you to dispense that ground coffee inside the machine. It evades the standard chamber to brew espresso without caffeine affecting the coffee from the remains left behind. 

  • Steam Pressure

The Jura c65 uses the right level of steam pressure. This provides the finished coffee the same zest you can find in a fine dining restaurant. 

  • Water Filtration

Jura C65 has a Clearyl water filter. This pulls in the water you put into the tank and runs it in a filter to get rid of impurities. 


This Jura C65 review is not complete without discussing the pros and cons of this machine. So, make sure to understand the pros and cons of this coffee maker carefully. 

More Aroma: Aroma+ grinder is one of the most adored features of Jura 65 automatic. This acquires more tangs from the beans you love. This feature also comes with a conical style that aids pull the beans from the hopper then forces the beans straight to the chamber. Also, it has an angled style to make sure that the beans reach the cutting surface. 

3-Step Operation: The Company made this model work in just three easy steps. Just switch the knobs to make choices, tap a button to allow this unit produces that coffee and drink. Keeping a mug under the spout allows you to take pleasure in every cup of coffee faster.

No Spilling: Due to easily adjusting spouts present in this automatic say goodbye to coffee splashes and spills. You can adjust the spouts from 2.6” up to 4.4” — the close the spout to the cup, the fewer spills, and splashes you will see.

Compact Design: Jura C65 is compact, thus it just takes less space in your kitchen compared to other bulky coffee makers with the same features and price. Due to its design, you are able to save more space for other kitchen appliances. Also, it is preferred by many offices due to this feature.


Despite the many benefits it offers, it also comes with minor drawbacks such as:

Visible Fingerprints: While many people love the compact and sleek design of this automatic C65, some don’t like the shiny finish of C65. This is because that finish allows fingerprints to become visible at the front and at the back of the machine. If you have kids in your house, for sure, you will be stressed a lot as you need to clean it every so often.

Automatic Steam Wand: This machine comes with an automatic steam wand that only has few settings. It will not let you put in a thicker foam, and it will not produce much steam or forth that you want.

Jura Impressa C65 Customer Reviews and Scores

Jura C65 review shows that this is armed with essential features. This is also the reason why it receives lots of positive reviews from previous users. In the Amazon review, Jura C65 got 4.5 out of 5-star rating. A lot of customers gave the product five stars.

Jura 15068 IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine, Platinum Includes Jura Milk Container, Care...

Final Verdict: Should I Buy this Coffee Maker

This Jura is a remarkable home appliance with an amazing feature and available in a compact design. This is highly recommended for people living in smaller apartments or spaces and those who love coffee in an instant.

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It is integrated with a big tank and bean hopper that has the capability to store the water and beans needed for producing multiple cups. While the integrated fine foam frother feature does not work like some machines, it functions well for people who like a bit of foam to make their morning coffee more tasteful.