Coffee Machine Jura z6 Vs z8 Review


Looking for a Jura Z6 review and a Jura Z8 review? Chances are, espresso fanatics like yourself have come across the Jura brand in their quest for finding the perfect machine. After all, Jura makes some of the best quality espressos in the world. Some might even say it is at the level of Michelin.

The high-end, sleek looking coffee makers by Jura is a true luxury when it comes to sipping that first cup of coffee in the morning. Jura is a Swiss brand that has been making espresso makers since 1931. Known to be at the forefront of espresso technology, Jura espresso machines are a great investment. With dozens of machines available in the market, here are the top two models by Jura. Before anything else, though, here is an overview of the key features that make Jura machines worth the money.

The Finest Foam Technology

For cappuccino and latte lovers, Jura coffee makers include fine foam technology and are one of the most impressive coffee maker inclusions in each machine. This feature makes it easy to get the highest level of microfoam on the milk beverages you want with an espresso base. Fine foam technology achieves perfect microfoam by twice frothing the milk in two different chambers before it distributes it to your beverage with milk more evenly and slowly.

Pulse Extraction process

PEP also known as the Pulse Extraction process, optimizes coffee extraction from the grounds. PEP ensures precise and even shot pulling and is the technology included in all espresso machines by Jura. The way this works is that PEP pumps the hot water through the grounds according to requirements specific to the particular cup you want to drink.

Pre-Brew Aroma System

IPBAS also is known as Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System, is another term you will most likely come across as you shop for coffee machines by Jura. This high=efficiency, unique system for pre-infusion is apparent in almost all the coffee makers of Jura. It is one key reason why you get an amazing brew every morning produced by this machine. The technology for pre-infusion happens after the beans are ground. It helps in bringing out the grounds’ full flavor by infusing a little bit of water in them.

The Highly Efficient CLARIS Filter System

The anti-scaling technology in the high-efficiency CLARIS filter system filters out all the hard minerals from the water so that no build-up occurs on the heating element. Besides getting rid of the necessity of using chemicals to clean your machine, this filtration system prevents damage to the heating element that mineral build-up causes. Thus, your machine can enjoy longevity and durability year after year.

The Aroma +Grinder

In most Jura coffee makers you will find the grinder called Aroma Plus created to offer a brew experience like no other. The grinder used in Jura machines are highly efficient and grind the entire java bean into finer grounds excellent for your morning cup. This grinder uses burrs made of stainless steel that provides a quiet, quick and gentle grind so that you always get a flavorful and rich espresso. There are precise, clear instructions that come with every machine so that even a newbie gets a perfect morning cup of coffee every time.


Jura Z8

Whether you want milk and coffee prepared simultaneously for you or the perfect Americano at the touch of a button, the Jura Z8 might be just the machines for you. The innovative, groundbreaking technology of the Z8 provides you with all the features that save time while still giving you the perfect cup every morning. It comes as no surprise that Jura is known for its bean-to-cup magic. With its two pumps and two ThermoBlock heating systems, the Z8 can dispense milk and brew coffee at the same time for a quick caffe latte on-the-go.

The function of the 1-touch Americano is something no other brand seems to have. This method combines hot water and coffee during the process of extraction. The result? A delicious, light, full-bodied, aromatic cup of joe every time. With sixteen programmable beverages and twenty-one total beverages you can create out of this one machine, most owners feel you get the total value for money. The high-resolution touchscreen color display is 4.3 inches for easy reading.

You can even switch from milk foam to milk automatically. There is just no guesswork involved in this set-up. The PEP or the Pulp Extraction Process can achieve a professional barista’s exceptional quality when preparing ristretto and espresso. The Aroma G3 grinder is built-in and quickly but quietly grinds beans for fresh-tasting cups of coffee for the most discerning foodie. The tap water is filtered by the Clearyl Smart Filter so the copper, aluminum, lead, and chlorine are all removed. Thus, you get a pure, rich drink flavor that is simply unmatchable.

The simplistic, stunning aesthetics of the Z8 is a real head-turner. The casing is made of metal and plastic with a larger dimension profile weighing twenty-five pounds, more or less. Environmentalists might be concerned about its bigger footprint and larger required counter space.

However, coffee lovers will love this machine immensely. Save time with the touchscreen display which takes the place of a hundred little switches, dials, knobs and buttons. The control panel enables you to touch the screen to select the choice of coffee drink you want to have at the moment. Using your fingertips, you can simply alter the parameters efficiently, swiftly and easily. With the options of brewing double or single shots of coffee, you can also brew an entire pot if you wish.

This makes it convenient for frequent dinner guests or large families to enjoy cups of espresso made perfectly simultaneously each time. You can also add milk foam or a splash of milk as an option. The soft blue illuminated 2.4 Liter tank means you really won’t have to waste energy filling and re-filling the water tank too often. The dedicated spout for hot water gives you easy access. the drip tray below the cup platform assures you of a neat kitchen. Access the container for coffee grounds which has the capacity of up to twenty servings of coffee.

Unlike most other espresso-creating machines, the Z8 by Jura comes with JOE support which stands for the Jura Operating System for Android and iOS apps. With a feature such as this, you are enabled to access every option for drinks and even maintain your machine while you are away from home. Access the portal online using the JURA app which gives you special privileges including instructions videos, maintenance videos and buying accessories for cleaning. Since it functions through Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you can connect to cool stuff such as the Wireless milk cooler, for instance.

Jura Z6 Espresso Machine

A Jura coffee machine like this on your kitchen counter indicates top-of-the-line standards of quality. This machine, also known as the Jura Z6, makes the process of having an every-morning cup of coffee easy and quick. You can always be sure that you are getting a top-quality brew the moment you reach for that first cup of coffee in the morning.

The PEP or Pulse Extraction Process is used by this machine, ensuring maximum aroma flavor extraction. The grinder is a professional Aroma which means every ground bean is going to be perfect in consistency and size.

Also, among most of the espresso machines by Jura, this particular model has one of the largest reservoirs for water. With 81.2 ounces of water capacity, you can make cups of espressos for a crowd of people before having to refill the reservoir once again. A 9.9 bean hopper is also built-into the Jura 15093. With intuitive controls located conveniently, the innovative nozzles provide the most aerated foam you could ask for. Even if it comes with an equally high-end price tag, this professional quality, Jura coffee maker gives you value for your money with every cup.

Undoubtedly one of the most attractive methods of expressing great taste, the state of the art Jura J6 combines unmatched aesthetics with the latest technology. This machine is a smart coffee machine featuring all of the Jura high-tech touches. This includes the TFT display, Pulse Extraction Process, and the Aroma grinder. The abilities to control the J6 can be done all from your smartphone. This smart espresso Jura machine is no doubt futuristic, available right now.

One optional accessory you might want to get is the adapter called the Smart Connect Bluetooth to enhance all the already-fabulous features of this machine. Considered to be the future of creating specialized coffee in the comfort of your own home, the new app by Jura connects your espresso machine to your tablet or smartphone using Bluetooth transmitters. Program your preferences when you download the app and include what your favorite temperature is, coffee strength and bean amounts. There are multiple specialties you can type into the program so that you get the perfect brew, hands-free.


Jura Z8


  • Finer foam technology and can produce thick or thin cream
  • Consistent results each time
  • Bluetooth compatible with the Jura app
  • Saves your recipes for coffee
  • Comprehensive graphics and touchscreen control
  • Quickly Delivers Coffee


  • The price tag is higher than most other coffee machines
  • Requires more counter space

Jura Z6


  • Intuitive controls conveniently located
  • One-touch simple button maintenance
  • Large reservoir for water
  • Extraction system is highly-efficient
  • Commercial-grade construction and quality
  • Professional Aroma Grinder Type
  • 9.9 OUnce Bean Hopper Capacity
  • 81.2 Ounces Water Tank Capacity


  • Hectic maintenance with the non-removable brewing unit
  • More expensive than most other brands


Which machine produces a faster brew, the Z8 or the Z6?

There is a single thermoblock system on the Z6. What this means is that it cannot brew and steam coffee at the same time. If you have more time in the morning to create your first cup of coffee, this won’t be an issue. However, when speed matters to you the dual thermoblock of the Z8 brews you a faster cup. The reason is that the Z8 can brew your espresso while it steams your milk. This is due to its thermoblock dual design. What this also means is that your drink gets poured into your cup much more rapidly than the Z6, reducing your waiting time in the process.

What is the difference between a Z6 and a Z8 by Jura?

Essentially, the z6 and the Z8 are more similar than they are different. One notable difference is that the number of products they can each make vary. The Z6 can make up to thirteen different drinks that you would normally find in a coffee shop including cappuccinos and lattes. On the other hand, a Juar Z8 can make fifty percent more options than the Z6. The Jura Z8 can create twenty-one different drink choices including a tasty and traditional Americano, an entire coffee jug or even options for a single espresso shot or a double shot of everyone’s favorite espresso.

What size of the cup is needed for the Z6 and the Z8?

Both the Jura Z8 and the Jura z6 have a feature called an adjustable spout. This means that when you need more coffee in the morning and plan to use a bigger cup, the spout for coffee can slide up or down. Thus, the right height for your cup will always be possible. Rather than having to create a larger mug of espressos by filling and refilling smaller mugs, all you need to do is to adjust the spout up and touch the button. On the other hand, if you prefer a shot-glass-sized espresso, just slide the spout down and it fills your shot glass with perfection.

Which is a superautomatic machine, the Z6 or the Z8?

Both the Jura Z6 and the Jura Z8 are superautomatic machines. What this translates to is simplicity. With other machine types, you will need to froth the milk, tamp the grounds after grinding the beans and then wait for your shot of espresso. On the other hand, all of these steps are taken out of the process by a superautomatic machine. With one screen swipe or a push of the button with either the Z6 or the Z8, you get freshly-ground espresso coffee or a freshly-foamed cappuccino. For beginners, this is highly advantageous because you are saved from all the hassle of having to learn all the different steps. Instead, all you need to do is to press a button.


Both machines are fairly easy to use and each one delivers quality Jura whether you are a newbie or not. The Z8 is a better choice for those who love a touchscreen’s user-friendly features. On the other hand, if you don’t drink a variety of options and just one more affordable, superautomatic espresso maker, the Z6 is a better decision.

The Jura Z6 makes thirteen different drinks made with espresso coffee a breeze to prepare. All you will need to do is to push a button. Select this model if you ant classics that you can get from the coffee shop, such as coffee lattes and cappuccinos. All the ease of a super-automated machine is yours with the Z6. Essentially what the Z8 gives you is an array of drinks at the level of a coffee-shop. If you love drinking twenty different drinks made with espresso and milk, then a few taps on the screen of the Z8 will do it for you.

Since the Z6 and the Z8 are so similar, it can be hard to make a decision about which one to get. When you look closely, however, you will most likely know which one fits your lifestyle better. Naturally, if the price does matter than the Z6 is the choice to make. You will find that the Z6 will cost you a bit less than the Z8. Also, when what you need at home is a roster of the same classics you can get at the coffee shop, then the Z6 is a valid choice, as it gives you a selection of thirteen choices without all the extra whistles and bells.

On the other hand, when you want the full roster of coffee drinks at a more rapid speed, then the Z8 is the choice to make. You get a broader range of choices and if you have a large family of coffee-drinkers, then obviously, you will need the Z8. The dual thermoblock system of the Z8 can’t be beaten when you need a quick drink before dashing out the door in the morning.

Compared to the Z6, a Z8 pours out your drink much faster. Also, if you still prefer pushing a button rather than tapping screens, then a great match for you would be the Z6. On the other hand, when you are familiar with touch screens and love new technology, get the Z8. Check out the current prices and finally get a high-quality coffee machine by Jura that fits your needs perfectly.

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