Which One You Prefer? DeLonghi or Breville?

We are going to talk about the two most renowned espresso machine brands in the business. DeLonghi and Breville, both have some top-quality espresso machines for your service. Each of them has its own set of features which makes it hard for you to make one of them your best option.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Super Automatic
Breville BES840XL Infuser
De'Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super...
Breville BES840XL Infuser Espresso...
Dimensions: 11.0 x 15.3 x 14.4
Dimensions: 13.7" x 11.5" x 13.2
Brushed Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Water Tank Capacity: 60 oz
Water Tank Capacity: 61 oz
1150 Watts
1650 Watts
15 Bar Pump
15 Bar Pump
(Paid link) As an Amazon Associate, Leascoffee.com earns commissions when you make qualifying purchases.
(Paid link) As an Amazon Associate, Leascoffee.com earns commissions when you make qualifying purchases.
DeLonghi ESAM3300 Super Automatic
De'Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super...
Dimensions: 11.0 x 15.3 x 14.4
Brushed Stainless Steel
Water Tank Capacity: 60 oz
1150 Watts
15 Bar Pump
(Paid link) As an Amazon Associate, Leascoffee.com earns commissions when you make qualifying purchases.
Breville BES840XL Infuser
Breville BES840XL Infuser Espresso...
Dimensions: 13.7" x 11.5" x 13.2
Stainless Steel
Water Tank Capacity: 61 oz
1650 Watts
15 Bar Pump
(Paid link) As an Amazon Associate, Leascoffee.com earns commissions when you make qualifying purchases.

We are here to break things down about these two espresso manufacturers so that you can make a decision that is going to suits you better for your regular cup of coffee.

You are going to know about two high-quality espresso machines from both DeLonghi and Breville. The Australian based Breville and the Italian based Delonghi differences will be discussed in the buying guide section. All you just need to do is look at the reviews and figure out which specification of the espresso fits your needs.

It is time for you to see the DeLonghi vs Breville reviews and choose the manufacturer you will be more comfortable with an espresso machine.

DeLonghi La Specialista EC9335M Espresso Machine

DeLonghi EC9335M is one of the best semi-automatic espresso machines in the business. You are going to love all the unique features that it has to offer. It will make your life easier and comfortable when it comes to coffee making. DeLonghi La Specialista is worth to price to have it at your kitchen.

An integrated sensor grinder is a great inclusion on this espresso machine. This coffee machine not only works on the espresso-making rather then also brings a great benefit when it comes to grinding. Grounds the bean on the same machine where you will make your espresso.

If you go with this DeLonghi La Specialista espresso machine then you can save the money which you may think of spending on the grinding machine. Two in one title can be a perfect fit for this best espresso machine.

As the espresso machine has a dual heating system, you can make your hot espresso on one side while on the other side you can do the milk frothing. It can be handy if you love to get things done in a short period of time. No more waiting to end the brewing to start the frothing work. Save your time when you have this top-rated espresso machine at your home.

The advanced latte system is also part of its quality. You are going to enjoy how it will make your life better when it comes to the latte. Besides, the water spout will make sure that you are enjoying a great cup of coffee every single go.

You will not get any scope to complain about the espresso machine when it comes to coffee taste. DeLonghi is a well-known Italian brand that has a great reputation in the field of an espresso machine. Coffee grinding consistency on the machine allows it to serve you the best coffee at every single cup.

Active temperature control feature on the machine make sure that you are getting a perfect temp stable coffee in every single go. Every time precise pressure is ensured by the handcrafted precision.

Frothing can be done by your hand or else you can also go with the manual option. Make the micro-foam and rich froth according to your need by the use of the advanced latte system of this espresso machine. You don’t need to wait for a long period to get your coffee done. You can use the short start-up feature which will allow your machine to catch the heat in just a second.

Pros and Cons of DeLonghi La Specialista EC9335M


  • Brewing and frothing can be done simultaneously on this DeLonghi La Specialista
  • The self-rinsing feature makes the cleaning work easier for you
  • You can do the grinding work in a quick session
  • Smart taping station is also available on this espresso machine


  • DeLonghi EC9335M consumes a lot of energy to run properly

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

Do you want an espresso machine that can deliver you an excellent coffee in just a few clicks? You are going to love the super-automatic DeLonghi ESAM3300 when it comes to easy press coffee. Your espresso will be ready to pour into your coffee mug in just a press of a button.

DeLonghi has used its own patented direct-to-brew and the Thermo block technology on this espresso machine. When these two come together then you are going to have equal heat distribution inside the espresso machine. You are also going to find the cleaning process of this machine pretty straightforward.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 has the potential to become your barista and it has the capability to allow you to play with espressos to lattes. You can program the coffee machine according to your coffee desire. You will also have more control in your hand so that you can make your own taste and play with it.

The body of the coffee machine is silver in color but it is made up of plastic. It is not that durable compared to all the other stainless steel body exterior coffee machines available on the market. The upper part of the espresso machine holds the cup warmer.

The auto-shutoff program can be used whenever you want. You can choose from 15 minutes to a 3hours time frame according to your needs. If anything goes wrong with your DeLonghi ESAM3300 then you can easily use the warranty period which is about 24 months.

The design of this machine is cool enough to give a modern touch to your kitchen. The large water tank is going to be handy for your coffee love from time to time. Besides, indicator lights are available on the interface so that you can know when it is time for you to refill the water tank.

In this best DeLonghi espresso machine, you are going to have dual thermoblock boilers at your service. You are going to enjoy how it will make the coffee-making easier for you. Instant reheat feature will be great to get the coffee done in a minimal amount of time.

Conical burrs grind is made up of stainless steel which will provide you seven different grinding options. The milk frother may not be entirely stainless steel but you are still going to find the cleaning process of this espresso machine pretty straightforward.

Pros and Cons of DeLonghi ESAM3300


  • DeLonghi Super-Automatic has the ability to deliver you great espresso in a short time frame
  • Shot volume and brew-strength can be set according to your coffee desire
  • It comes with a 60-oz large water tank
  • Removable brew chamber of the espresso make the cleaning work simple


  • The DeLonghi ESAM3300 is not entirely made up of stainless steel

Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine, BES870XL

People who are new to the espresso machine will find the BES870XL machine very helpful for their work. It is a semi-automatic barista machine which allows you to customize your coffee according to your requirement.

As you have much more control over the making of the espresso so you can get your own perfect coffee whenever you want to. Breville has improved its design comparing to all the other express espresso machines on the market. You can get a quick coffee at your cup with the help of this Breville BES870XL espresso machine in no time.

This top-rated espresso machine is great when it comes to quality grinding. You are going to enjoy quick grinding on the machine without compromising with the quality of the grinding. The two dual-wall pressurized filters are going to be great for all the beginners out there.

This unique feature takes all the complex functions at its own side. You don’t need to bother about the function of your perfect coffee. Pressure and extraction of the coffee will be surveillance by the machine so that you can enjoy a perfect coffee in just a few clicks.

All the experience espresso lover can go with the two single-wall, non-pressurized filters. This will allow you to play with the grind amount and sizes. Besides, it will also give you more hands-on the tampering pressure.

So the point is both beginner and expert can get some benefit from this Breville espresso maker. Like all the other premium espresso machines, the thermocouple heating system is also available on this 870 XL. You are not going to face any problem when it comes to the proper distribution of the heat all over the machine.

The espresso machine quality is very profitable when it comes to enjoying a perfect coffee in every single cup. Integrated conical burr grinder of this Breville espresso machine has the ability to optimize the flavor of the coffee. You can go with both fine and handy grinding on this espresso maker.

The grinder also has the ability to turn off automatically whenever your desired coffee has been extracted from the machine. There is a button indicator on this machine that will let you know which filter from two you are using for your coffee work.

Pros and Cons of Breville the Barista Express


  • The water tank of this Breville Barista is removable
  • Both beginner and pro espresso lover will find this espresso machine helpful for their work
  • You can choose the grind size and amount according to your requirement
  • Hand-free grinding cradle will make the work easier for you


  • The maintenance work of this espresso machine is not that simple

Breville BES840XL/A the Infuser Espresso Machine

There are no shortages of espresso machines on the market. Some of them are ensuring the power while the other one is talking about the speed. Breville BES840XL has taken a different path when it comes to introducing the main quality of their espresso machine.

They are talking about the infusing method which can be great to get the most flavors out of your espresso machine. This Breville espresso machine wants to ensure that you are getting a perfect flavor in every single cup of coffee. The well-balanced flavor of the Breville infuser espresso machine will increase your coffee time love.

The infuser of this espresso machine makes sure that you are getting an even extraction on the grinding work. Most of the premium espresso machine in the market uses a blast of pressure to get the flavor out of the grinder but the Breville BES840XL/A takes a different approach at this work.

You are going to see a slow extraction mode which you can call the tortoise method. Slow and steady wins the race can be the motto of this espresso machine. These types of grinding are very handy when it comes to getting the best flavor out for your coffee.

Different programmable features are also available on this infuser espresso maker. You are going to love the way you can adjust your temperature and pour volume. Besides, PID temperature control technology and pre-infusion technology is also available for your coffee customization.

1600 watt Thermo coil heating system will be beneficial for precise temperature control. The cup warmer is located on the top of the machine so that you can keep your coffee warm even when you are doing the brewing work on the espresso machine.

The excess water which will be left on the water tank after the coffee extraction will be removed from the espresso machine automatically. Features like sleep mode and auto shut-off can be used according to your needs.

There are also some light indicators on the coffee machine which will help you to know when your Breville espresso machine needs some cleaning. The compact design of this 840XL Breville is good enough to catch your eye. Breville claimed that this espresso machine is entirely made up of BPA free plastic which makes it safer than ever before.

Pros and Cons of Breville BES840XL/A


  • Breville BES840XL will not create any noise problem for your home
  • This infusion espresso machine is easy to keep neat and clean
  • Features like instant hot water make it easier for you to enjoy different types of drinks
  • Auto purge and 15 bar Italian pump feature is available on this espresso machine


  • The water tank is not that big compared to other espresso makers at the same price tag

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There can be many questions you may have in your mind regarding Breville vs DeLonghi. I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions in this section. It can be beneficial for you and provide you some important information about these two top manufacturers of the espresso machine. It is time for you to jump down and see what it has to offer.

Breville vs DeLonghi, which one should you buy?

Answer: Most of the Breville in the market offer easy to use interface for the users. You can get your coffee done in just a few clicks. DeLonghi ensures you have more control over the setting and you can customize the coffee setting according to your needs. Besides, you will also find espresso maker of these manufacturers which has both the features at their service.

Breville is an Australian based company while the Delonghi started in Italy. Both the company has top quality espresso machine which can be great for your whole day coffee. You should read out the specification of the machine to choose which one will be great at your work.

What is the main difference between Breville and DeLonghi?

Answer: If you are thinking about enjoying a great cup of coffee then both the brand espresso machine has the ability to provide you an excellent cup of coffee. Both the manufacturer has a great quality to offer and has used top technology at their coffee making machine. The main changes you are going to see is in the design and in the control interface of the espresso machine. You just need to go with the coffee machine which fits you the best whatever the manufacturer they might be in.

Breville and DeLonghi, which offer you the slimmest espresso machine?

Answer: Breville has been in the espresso business since 2001 while the DeLonghi start manufacturing espresso machine in the year 2008. Both the company has a good reputation on the quality of their design. Breville’s design is mainly focused on the art of the espresso machine.

Its artistic design of the espresso machine makes it large comparing to the DeLonghi espresso machine. If you are looking for something which is compact in design then you should go with the DeLonghi espresso machine. But if you want something which is artistic in design then you can go with Breville Espresso Machine. You can go with the best espresso machine form the Breville vs DeLonghi list.

Breville vs DeLonghi – Buying Guide

Breville and DeLonghi have lots of things in common. Besides, you are also going to find many features which are better in one comparing to the other one. I will try to figure them out so that you can get the best espresso machine for your needs. The buying guide has been prepared in a way so that you can easily compare your requirement with the Breville and DeLonghi.

Size of the Espresso Machine

If you live in a compact space and want an espresso maker that can easily fit in the kitchen then you should go with the DeLonghi. They are well known for their compact design which is small space friendly. Besides, the Breville espresso machine used to be a little artistic. They are large in size so for a compact space it will not be a wise decision to go with the Breville espresso maker.

Price Comparison of Breville and DeLonghi

Breville and DeLonghi, both have the budget-friendly and expensive espresso maker on their list. But the price is slightly low for the same quality espresso in the DeLonghi comparing to the Breville espresso maker. The DeLonghi espresso maker starts from the price range of $100 while the Breville starts to sell from the $200 range. If you want a cheap espresso machine with all the top features then you can go with DeLonghi.

Operation Setting of the Espresso Machine

In Breville, you are going to see buttons that you can use to adjust the water volume and espresso temperature. The operation is not so hard to understand once you get to use them. Besides, the DeLonghi comes with programmable control which can be great to enjoy a precise taste on your drinks. Whatever suits you better, you should go with that control setting of the espresso machine.

Taste and Cleaning Process of Espresso Machine

Breville has a unique set of steam control settings for you. You can use them to have a great coffee. This type of setting is very handy when it comes to having a variety of tastes on your espresso. DeLonghi will fall little behind compared to the Breville as it has more quality features to enhance the taste of your regular coffee.

Both the espresso machine manufacturers are worth mentioning when it comes to the easy cleaning process. It is hard to make some difference between these two regarding cleaning work. But as far as our research, our team has figured out that the DeLonghi has slightly easy methods to keep the espresso machine fresh.

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DeLonghi La Specialista EC9335M .
DeLonghi Super Automatic ESAM3300 .
Breville Barista BES870XL .
Breville Infuser BES840XL .

Final Word

DeLonghi and Breville, both have premium features on their espresso machine. They know their work and they are also good at it. Whatever your choice is there is no doubt that you are going to get a great service from these top espresso brands. You can get satisfaction on coffee when you have one of this DeLonghi or Breville espresso makers at your home.

If you need any additional information about the Breville vs DeLonghi comparison then you can contact us anytime you want to. If this review brings you some benefits then don’t forget to share them with your near ones. Your valuable opinion helps us to improve the quality of our service. Stay with us to keep updated.

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