Best Espresso Machines Under $1500

This article was made to make the search for the best espresso machines under 1500 dollars easier.  

It may be a difficult task to find the right one because of the sole number of different machines you can encounter while searching. Some even have extra gadgets or features that only make your search more complicated. Therefore, by reading this guide, you will also get all the information you need for the search.

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Ninja Specialty Fold-Away Frother
Ninja 10-Cup Specialty Coffee...
Breville BDC450
Breville Precision Brewer Thermal...
Cuisinart DCC-3200P1
Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp...

This guide was made to allow you to compare coffee machines that are similar to each other and its point is to make you more informed about the things you want your coffee machine to have.  

Questions That You Need to Ask Yourself Before Buying 

Most people who use kitchen appliances use them for an extended period without replacing them. That is why we know the importance of the research that you have to do now so that you will be able to make the right choice later on. We know that you maybe have some questions before buying a coffee machine, which is pretty standard among people who are getting ready to buy some more significant and expensive things. You probably have questions such as: 

  • What is the type of drinks that you would like to make? Cappuccinos? Espressos? Or even both of them 
  • How durable and how well does the espresso maker perform 
  • What are the different types of coffee machines and their price ranges 

We will try and answer each of these questions as best as we possibly can. 

Types of Coffee Drinks: Will you prepare cappuccinos only, espressos or both? Well, this isn’t a question anyone except you has an answer to. But whatever the answer is, be sure to get a machine that perfectly suits your preferences and tastes. 

Durability and Performance: Be sure to find a coffee machine that will keep up with your daily routine, and that can fulfill all your needs. If you need the machine to be able to brew more drinks at a time or if you usually drink more than one drink a day, it is essential having a machine that is suitable to accommodate your needs. 

Different Price Ranges of Different Espresso Machine Types: You can find four different types of espresso makers, and their prices range from 99 dollars to 3000 dollars and even more than that, based on its model and some other factors like additional gadgets, size, weight, self-cleaning, speed, and the overall functionality of the machine. 

Types of Espresso Makers/Machines 

There are four different types of coffee machines. Some are made for people who already know what they are doing, while others are made for beginners. The four types are super-automatic machines, full machines, semi-automatic machines, and manual machines. Keep on reading, and we will explain each one of them below. 

Manual Espresso Machine 

These are the types of coffee machines made for people who already have specific skills and know what they are doing with espresso machines. They are difficult to use in comparison with some other advanced models. You as a user have to manually push the water out of the machine because it doesn’t have the ability to maintain the water pressure by itself. If every time you do it differently, it will most likely change the taste of the drink, and that is why you need to know what you are doing. But, on the other hand, you have more control over the outcome of the drink which can be good. 

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines 

The Semi-Automatic espresso machines were the first espresso machines with an electric pump to be placed in the market. This type of the espresso machine was invented by Achilles Gaggia in 1938. This type of machine allows people to use machine hands-free. And because of this, today, the semi-automatic espresso machine is one of the most popular types on the market. It has other features that make it this famous such as the ability to allow the customers to turn the pump off or on as needed.  

Full Espresso Machines 

This type of machine is quite similar to the semi-automatic machine. The main difference between these two is that the full espresso machine has an electronic nanny, which regulates the amount of water that is passing through the espresso. 

Super-Automatic Espresso Machine 

This type of machine is maybe the best one you can buy for your home. The best thing about these espresso machines is that they control the whole brewing process without you having to do anything. Besides that, another great thing they offer is a built-in grinder, which is an advantageous feature. 

Other Factors You Need to Consider When Buying an Espresso Maker 

There are still many things you need to consider before finalizing your choice of buying an espresso maker. We know that we haven’t addressed some of the things you are curious about, that is why you have to keep on reading, and you will find everything out. 

Most important things you need to pay attention to are: 

  1. Machines that offer customization options for various drinks and also have integrated burr grinders are a good choice. 
  1. When getting a machine, be sure to check if the milk steamer is built-in and if it is comfortable to maintain and clean. 
  1. Machines that are equipped with a milk tank that is removable and a control panel for easy access are also ago. 
  1. Look for machines that offer you filters with dual function and are easy to use. 
  1. Fast and compact machines. 

Other, less important things you can consider are service warranties, weight, durability, price, ease of cleaning, ease of use, whether it includes a grinder or steam/milk frothers. 

All of these other factors are still important, but not as the first five we have mentioned.  

1. Ease of Use 

If this is important to you, then you should better get as far away as possible from the semi-automatic espresso machines. When searching for an easy to use the machine, pay attention if they have things like extraction systems, cappuccino frothers, user-friendly designs, user-friendly control panels, if they can reduce the time between grinding and extraction, if they have filters or pumps. 

2. Ease of Cleaning 

People who are all about the easy cleaning should go for espresso machines that have removable parts like the drip tray and water tank because by removing them, you have better access to the insides of the machine.  

There are also other types of espresso machines that can clean themselves with cleaning cycles and cleaning accessories that they have built-in. e 

3. Weight 

You can find all types of espresso machines, from 7.7 pounds to the ones weighing around 45 pounds. Machines that are heavier are equipped with more features than the lighter ones. They also are more expensive, have better performance, and are more durable. The more massive espresso machines are often made out of stainless steel.  

4. Durability 

If you plan on using your espresso machine more frequently, then be sure to get a durable one so it can last for a longer time. The heavier ones are usually the more durable ones, so go for them. 

5. Coffee Grinder 

Not all espresso machines have built-in grinders, and that is why you need to look out for that, especially if you need a grinder.  

Now that we have explained the things you need to look for when searching for the best espresso machine for 1500 dollars, keep reading to find out some of our best choices.

1. Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

This dual boiler espresso machine is an incredibly popular and highly rated appliance created by Breville. The maximum price at which you can find this device is around 1200, which is actually a reasonable price considering that this is a dual boiler machine. Now, the question is, is this thing worth the money?

It contains fantastic features that are typical for premium machines, and it has a dual boiler and a pre-infusion among other great things. Therefore, it is no wonder why it is so popular.

This machine has dual boilers as we already mentioned and they are made out of stainless steel, which is impressive since you can only find these on espresso machines that cost from 3 times more. Often, Italian premium machines have boilers made out of copper. If you go to the ones that range from 3000 to 5000 , you will see that they have boilers made out of stainless steel. The fact that the Breville has this feature makes it almost enough to go for it.

Another great feature you can find on this machine is the heated group head, which is also only found on much more expensive devices. It has an E61 heated group head. Italian manufacturers love this type of brew head, but the best part about E61 is the fact that it is heated.

It is essential to have the right temperature and heat when you are making espresso in order for it to be made as tasty as it can be. This heated group will guarantee that this machine makes espressos who have a consistent taste. There is also a slight downside with this machine; it doesn’t have a thermosiphon, which is a system that is used to keep the warm water flow through the machine, even when it is not being used.

This machine is also equipped with an OPV which is an over-pressure valve used to release the pressure when it builds too much up, this way limiting the extraction pressure. Also, on the front of the machine, you can find an LCD that displays the shot time or clock, and the temperature used for brewing.

  • Dual boilers made out of stainless steel
  • Dual Italian pumps for simultaneous steaming and extraction
  • PID – for precise water temperature control
  • LCD
  • Water hardness test strip
  • A little expensive
  • Not that durable
  • Doesn’t have a quality grinder built-in
  • This is one of the best dual boiler espresso machines under $1500 you can get.

2. Rancilio HSD – Silvia Espresso Machine

If you want a durable espresso machine, then this is definitely the one for you. In the last five years, this machine has shown us that it makes a great asset to a professional, home or kitchen. The Rancilio Silvia is a machine that looks really professional, but it is also made for baristas. The housing has a fantastic design, and it is made out of stainless steel, which means that it is durable.

The quality of extraction is optimal, and the levels of heat are stable because this machine has the commercial-grade group head made by Silvia. Also, it has a portafilter that has an ergonomic design, and it is 58 mm which makes the best extraction possible.

This is a single boiler machine, and because of that, the Rancilio team made sure that it stands out in its class. To do this, they made the most significant volume capacity of any single-boiler espresso machine in the whole world. It holds 12 ounces in the boiler made out of chrome-plated brass, and it has a fantastic steaming power that is only surpassed by the ability to recover between brewing beverages instantly.

Among these main features, this machine offers others that make your brewing experience a bit easier.

Because it has a commercial-grade chrome-plated steamer wand, this machine gives you the ability to boil water or steam milk, this way making sure that you can make other beverages like Americanos. The brew group of this machine is also fantastic, allowing it to have consistent extraction, which means that you get even heat distribution and water every single time.

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This machine is also efficient and super-clean because of the solenoid valve that reduces the splatter from the portafilter. It also has a 15 bar water pump which is responsible for the fantastic coffee this machine makes by pushing all the aroma from the ground beans. The water tank in this machine holds up to 67 ounces and is removable which is pretty handy when you are cleaning the machine.

  • Chrome-plated steamer wand
  • The water tank holds up to 67 ounces and is removable
  • Warming surface
  • Consistent extraction
  • 15 bar water pump
  • The water reserve indicator isn’t that good
  • Doesn’t have a PID temperature control
  • This is one of the best home espresso machines under $1500.


It can be hard to find the right espresso machine for you. But all you have to do is inform yourself about them, and you will find the one for you. Having good quality and durable espresso machines is essential. Therefore it won’t be a waste if you treat yourself with a more expensive one since it will last a long time.

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