How to Make a Dirty Chai Latte at Home

As much as we are coffee lovers, sometimes, we want to try other drinks. Aside from coffee, tea is another excellent choice to begin your day. Excluding the taste or flavor, tea is a healthy choice for people who react badly to the caffeine found inside coffee.

There are different types of tea to kick-start your day, but a dirty chai latte is in a class of its own. Made from Chai latte tea, you can have your dirty chai latte as a hot or cold drink.

The dirty chai latte is a popular espresso drink you can buy in any coffee shop in the world. The drink is made up of spiced tea or masala chai with a shot or two of espresso. The tea is usually made with a chai concentrate or tea, steamed milk, and a shot or two of espresso; the result is a drink that converts a regular latte into a dirty chai tea latte.

You might be wondering why the drink is referred to as dirty? For a drink that is well made and tastes so good, I guess the reason for the name is because coffee – which is referred to as mud – is added to the drink. Let’s take a look at the history of this drink.

History Of Dirty Chai Latte

Although chai is a popular drink in the most known café, culture still plays a role in the sales. The origin of chai tea goes back several centuries in India. One popular way of making beverages was mixing spices with concentrated tea, referred to as masala chai or spice tea.

Your typical masala tea or chai comprises strong black tea mixed with many Indian herbs and spices. The type of spices used and the proportion may differ, but the staple ingredients include ginger, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, black peppercorns, etc.

For preparing this drink, there is no one way; there is no standard recipe or blend. The ingredients and spices used vary from region to region in various parts of India. The black tea base found in Assam is commonly referred to as Mamiri tea.

Tea enthusiasts may frown at tea prepared in the form of a latte, while the latte enthusiasts might not be receptive to the idea of a teapot brewing their favorite drink. What makes the dirty chai latte so special is the mixture of these two classics – the tea and the latte.

You can have the chai drink at any time of the day as it contains low caffeine – about one-third of the caffeine in a cup of coffee. You can pair chai with snacks like crackers, cookies, milk chocolate, and brie cheese.

Benefits Of The Dirty Chai Latte

There are some associated health benefits with drinking the dirty chai, some of which are:

Build Immune system

The black tea is rich in antioxidants, which boast a healthy immune system and help the body fight harmful diseases that cause viruses and harmful bacteria.

Strengthens the heart health

Over time, studies have shown that taking black tea may be healthy for people living with BP as black tea contains potassium, which reduces blood pressure by relaxing the tension in the arteries and blood vessels. Black tea may also reduce LDL levels which is the bad cholesterol in the body.


Over the years, science has concluded that consuming coffee can reduce the risk of type two diabetes; black tea has also proven to lower blood glucose levels. Black tea helps regulate glucose and insulin in the body, which prevents the increase and reduction that can be dangerous for people living with diabetes.

Gut Health

Black tea helps promote good bacteria and prevent harmful bacteria growth in your stomach because it contains polyphenols. The tea also has antimicrobial properties known to improve immunity, gut bacteria and eliminate toxic substances which repair the digestive tract lining.

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Content Of Dirty Chai Latte

The dirty chai latte is made with espresso, spiced black tea, and steamed milk.

Espresso: The espresso coffee is made by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely-ground coffee beans – producing one or two shots of coffee. If you make the espresso correctly, you will get a rich golden cream on the surface. You can achieve espresso coffee with various coffee beans and roasts.

Steamed milk: The foam you see in latte results from milk exposed to high-pressured steam by slowly introducing steam into milk to produce a layer of tiny bubbles. You can achieve this with full-fat and low-fat dairy, as well as milk alternatives like almond, oat milk, or soy.

Masala chai/spiced black tea: The Masala chai is India’s popular spiced tea usually prepared with a blend of spices including cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon; it can also be achieved with a single spice like ginger.

Flavored syrups and Sweeteners: You can include artificial sweeteners, sugar, honey, and flavored syrups in your dirty chai.

Types Of Dirty Chai

There are various types of dirty chai lattes, an iced dirty chai latte, and a blended dirty chai latte being the most popular. Other forms of chai latte are:

Vegan/Dairy Free: If you avoid dairy products, this one is for you. It is made with soy milk or almond milk.

Green tea Dirty chai: Some people are addicted to green tea; if you are such a person, there is a place for you at the dirty chai latte table. For this blend, instead of black tea, green tea is used.

Hong Kong Yuanyang (Ying-Yang) Coffee-Tea: This type of dirty chai latte is a mix of black tea (Ceylon), drip coffee, and sweetened condensed milk.

Faux Dirty Chai: You can achieve a similar flavor to a dirty chai latte by requesting a ginger latte, cinnamon latte, or cardamom latte, or by mixing spiced tea with an espresso shot with milk.

Differences Between A Chai Latte And Dirty Chai Latte

A chai latte tea is a concentrated black tea that contains spices like ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, cloves, cardamom, fennel seed, and simmered with milk.

The dirty chai latte is a perfect drink for people who do not love the strong taste of coffee but wish to indulge. The dirty chai latte contains everything in the chai latte tea with a single or double espresso shot. The more the espresso shot is added, the stronger the coffee strength.

If you request a dirty chai latte tea in a coffee shop and not on the menu, request a chai latte tea with an added shot of espresso.

How To Make Dirty Chai Latte At Home

The first step in preparing your dirty chai latte tea is to prepare your chai tea mix. The chai tea mix is a blend of spices and sweetened condensed milk – it is pretty easy to make. You can use this mix to flavor your regular coffee or tea.

To make your hot dirty chai latte, you begin by brewing a strong cup of black tea and a double shot of espresso or strong coffee. Mix your tea and coffee into a latte-sized coffee cup and add your chai tea mix to taste.

You should also include a frothed milk in your chai tea coffee for that special touch. Sprinkle cinnamon into your dirty chai latte tea for a perfect finish.

For the cold, dirty chai latte tea, the process is similar to the hot dirty chai latte, but you will skip the frothed milk and include ice into your excellent tea (put in the fridge to cool after brewing).

While enjoying your dirty chai latte, do remember that the chai tea mix tends to settle at the bottom of the cup – keep that in mind when taking your last sip.


What are the level of caffeine in dirty chai latte and chai latte?

The dirty chai latte is loved by those who need the extra dose of caffeine; this they usually attain with a shot of espresso. The caffeine level in the dirty chai latte is about 160mg per cup.

Chai tea is brewed stronger than regular tea, and it contains a higher level of caffeine than traditional tea. The Starbucks version of the chai tea latte contains nearly 50mg of caffeine in every eight-ounce cup and about 70mg of caffeine per twelve-ounce cup.

You will see that the level of caffeine in the chai latte is lower than that in the coffee.

How many calories are present in dirty chai latte and chai latte?

When you include milk in any beverage, it increases the nutrition and the calories. The dirty chai latte is made up of black tea, shots of espresso, and milk. You will expect a total calorie of 200 in a 12 oz drink.

The chai latte pure tea – the black concentrated version – is calorie-free but sweetened with milk and the spice mix. Your typical chai latte contains about 190 calories, with sugar alone responsible for 128 of the calories.

Can a French press be used to make dirty chai latte?

Yes, your French press can be used to make your dirty chai latte if you do not have an espresso machine. Consider using espresso-grade beans for a strong aroma. When using your French press, let your water heat to 190-210 degrees F below boiling point. A Chemex or Moka can also be used to brew your dirty chai latte.

How can I froth my milk if I don’t own an espresso machine?

You can froth your milk by pouring either skim milk or low-fat milk into a mason jar, shake it till it foams. Put your tightly sealed mason jar into the microwave to warm; this will get the frothy foam on the top.

In conclusion, the dirty chai latte is a drink you should try if you are do not want the bitter taste of coffee in your mouth, but you still want to enjoy the effect of caffeine.

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