Best Cuisinart Coffee Makers

Best Cuisinart Coffee Makers in the market

You feel content and confident when you are well prepared. It can be as simple as keeping everything ready for dinner one hour before or buying some insurance policy for your family’s future. It is all about being prepared in life and keeping things in place whenever they are needed. So, it is better to cultivate the attitude of being prepared for the outcome irrespective of its time and seriousness. So, this principle or attitude always applies to daily needs like coffee.

The majority of people like to have a cup of coffee as soon as they wake up in the morning. Earlier it was hard to make this true but not today. Today, in most of houses, you can easily find coffee machines with features like setting time or coffee timers that are programmable. Coffee machine owners happily take a nap after setting the machine since they know that they will get a fresh cup of coffee to greet them in the morning. Using these easy-to-use machines people are enjoying coffee and serving it to their family hassle-free.

With the invention of the Cuisinart SS-15, people are satisfying their desires. When they wake up a fresh cup of coffee will be ready. More than that, they can even serve coffee to their guests as well. Cuisinart is one of the very popular and leading cookware companies in America. They have released the best Cuisinart SS-15. This machine is considered an all-in-all solution for coffee lovers and it is the best with all the necessary features. 

Cuisinart SS-15 Review

This coffee maker has evolved and it is the combination of features of two other coffee makers. It combines the D-3200 and SS-10. Among the two parts of the coffee maker, the righter angle is Cuisinart SS-10. So, this part is meant for a single-serving choice. On the other side, you can see a conventional coffee maker. Also, you may see a brewing basket on top of the glass carafe. There is an LCD menu with an elegant look and features. You can see a few buttons on this LCD menu gracing the machine’s face.

These buttons are easy to use since they are easy to understand. You can easily operate them using the instructions given. The two ledges are present to allow the users to unlock either the K-cup holder or the left-side brewing basket. You can see a slender and slim water reservoir behind the K-cup holder. This is complete with a charcoal water filter. The capacity of the water filter is 40-ounce. Since there is an indication of the water reservoirs, it is easy to fill it.

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The earlier versions like Cuisinart SS-10 and SS-5 had a 30-minute auto-off feature. But, it is not the case with the Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker. Consumers can make use of programming ranges up to four hours and they can set auto-switching off mode too. The hotter plate present is similar to DCC-3200 and it has 3 adjustable settings. Users can make use of the removable drip tray present on the single side serve. This is a standard feature present on coffee makers in this class. You can also see a great feature in Cuisinart SS-15 and that is a reusable filter cup. By using this, users can prepare a single cup of coffee with unique grinds.

Let’s list out some great features of Cuisinart SS-15.

  • Cuisinart SS-15 is very easy to use and it comes with a user-friendly control panel
  • This is a programmable 12-cups coffee maker and it has a charcoal water filter
  • Cuisinart SS-15 features an adjustable heat plate and drip filter basket
  • The best part is it has a removable drip tray
  • The material used is stainless steel and it ensures easy cleaning
  • Cuisinart thermal carafe and removable capsule holders are two more best features offered
  • Cuisinart SS-15 can serve your guest’s multiple cups of coffee and it also has single-serve K-cup option for daily needs
  • Has a great build quality

Even if you think about the product cost, Cuisinart is worth buying. The Cuisinart always served products at best product cost. Since this two-way coffee maker is released with a combined feature of two earlier models, it is a legendary Cuisinart coffee maker. This machine is available for a reasonable price of $140.

But, compared to earlier Cuisinart models, SS-15 coffee maker has great built. More than that, this stainless system is released in a variety of colors. Since it is very easy to disassemble Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker, it is very easy to clean. Users should make use of the Cuisinart coffee center manual when they want to clean the machine. They can also allow the machine to self-clean by using the feature offered in the control panel.

The Cuisinart SS-15 also comes with three free K-cup capsules. You can make use of these Medium Roast, French Vanilla, and Dark Roast. Along with that users can also utilize HomeBarista Reusable K-cup. It is possible to save a lot of money since Cuisinart SS-15 allows you to grind your beans in different flavors for single-serve use.

Cuisinart SS-15: Pros and Cons

Cuisinart SS-15 offers coffee in outstanding taste. The auto-off option available in the machine is customizable. This coffee machine is designed after combining the features of two legendary coffee makers. One is DCC-3200 and the other is SS-10. The brew cycle present on both sides of SS-15 runs at above-average speed. Cuisinart SS1-5 makes use of charcoal water filter and it offers ultimate water purification. The coffee strength settings present in the Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker are derived from DCC-3200.

Huge water storage:

Compared to other models, Cuisinart SS-15 can store a lot of water. The storage capacity is 60 z.

Maximized Coffee Extraction:

When the user opens the lid for filling the ground coffee, they can see a shower head inside the lid. This showerhead system is highly effective and it is far better compared to simple water pouring. So, when you pour water using this shower head system on coffee you can get the highest flavor from the coffee.

Reusable Filter:

Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker has a reusable filter and it also offers few paper filters. Users can choose between paper filters and reusable filter. Even though users should try both options, the reusable filter can save a lot and you need not go again and again for shopping the filter.

Automatic and programmable brew start:

Some of the features in Cuisinart SS-15 are physical and some others are digitally controlled. It is possible to program this Cuisinart SS-15 to offer a cup of coffee when you want. For example, if you plan to wake-up at 7 in the morning, then you can program it to offer a cup of coffee at 7 am.

Customizable Coffee Boldness

Yes, Cuisinart SS-15 has customizable coffee boldness options. So, you can make a coffee as strong as you like and you can serve your guests based on their taste.

Cuisinart SS-15 Cons

  • It is very important to calibrate the puncture mechanism present on the single-serve side. If you didn’t do it properly, you can easily end up with a mess
  • Compared to earlier models, this machine takes up a large space
  • The Carafe present can drop over time


Even though the earlier models like Cuisinart SS-10 and DCC-3200 are special and comfortable, Cuisinart comes with a bit more features. The Cuisinart SS-15 is ready to serve all coffee lovers with all different tastes. Of course, the machine takes a lot of space in the kitchen but it is worth using. You can serve your guests coffee of their taste and needs and you can enjoy the coffee with a single-cup option. The best part is, Cuisinart Ss-15 is programmable and your coffee will be ready by the time you wake up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean the Cuisinart SS-15?

It is very easy to clean this machine since you can easily disassemble it. If you do not have time for manual cleaning, you can make use of the auto-clean option present on the menu.

Does the Single-serve side have enough water storage?

Yes, there is no need to fill water frequently even for a single size. It has water storage of 40z.

What about temperature setting options in the coffee maker?

The coffee machine offers low, medium, and high-temperature settings. More than this, you can also use the programmable duration. The options are given in bold and it is easily understandable.

Doesn’t the machine offer customizable coffee flavor?

Yes, this is the best thing about Cuisinart SS-15. You can brew the coffee of your choice using this coffee maker. You can also serve your guests by asking for their tastes and needs. It offers the best flavors and you can make your coffee either strong or light as per your needs.

What is the overall size of the machine in terms of height, width, and depth?

The size is 10 1/2 w x 10 1/2 d x 14 3/4 t. Even though this coffee maker takes but space in your kitchen, it is worth buying. It can serve every need of a coffee lover.

Coffee Maker Cuisinart DGB 650bc vs DGB 700bc

In this article, we will look at two models, Cuisinart DGB 650bc vs DGB 700bc. There is no denying the fact that besides water, coffee and tea are perhaps the two most commonly consumed beverages and drinks. While both coffee and tea are equally popular, we will spend time entirely looking at coffee.

Brewing coffee is an art and if it is done properly it will not only be enjoyable but also refreshing. Caffeine has some known properties that could make a person active and alert. However, it has to be prepared and brewed properly and this is where having a good coffee maker could make a big difference.

If you are on the lookout for the right coffee maker then there are reasons to believe that choosing some models from Cuisinart could be a good choice. But with so many options and choices available within Cuisinart, making the right choice will not be easy, to say the least. There are other brand names too that are in the market and this makes the task even more complicated.

Both the above models are unique in their own ways and therefore we need to have a closer look at each of them and only then we will be able to get to know the basic differences between the two.

We are therefore going more into detail and this article could be considered as a complete and total review of the above two models. We are sure it will be helpful in more ways than one and could assist in making the right choice based on information rather than being pushed into a decision because of hearsays and opinions.

A Look At Cuisinart DGB 650BC

There is no denying the fact that Cuisinart is a big name when it comes to quality coffee makers and therefore this particular model # Cuisinart DGB 650BC. This particular model has a number of reasons to become popular. To begin with, it works on a simple grind and brew technology. Further, it is suitable for a reasonably large family because it can dispense 10-cups of quality coffee and that too automatically.

It is quite attractive looking and the ergonomic design and build are worth mentioning. It can snugly fit in the kitchen or any other small space. Therefore, it could be one of the best solutions for homes with kitchens that are small in size.

It is also an easy-to-use and as mentioned above, it has one of the most customer-friendly grinds and brew technology. It has many other interesting features and functionalities and we will try and find out the same over the next few lines.


  • The Cuisinart DGB 650BC is a versatile model that is customer friendly.
  • It comes with a unique alarm clock that enables you to the aroma of fresh and hot or cold coffee based on your specific needs and requirements.
  • It features the best of coffee making technology and combines it with simplicity and ease of use.
  • It has a 24-hour programmable unit that is quite popular and attractive.
  • It can brew 10 cups automatically in one go.
  • It also permits brewing of smaller quantities without any loss of flavor.
  • It is possible to brew from 1 cup to 4 cups based on specific needs and It comes with a number of accessories. These include a permanent filter that is commercial style, along with a charcoal water filter. This helps in removing impurities. Completely and totally.
  • It also has a unique Brew Pause Feature. This makes Cuisinart DGB 650BC different from others because you can slip in a cup before the cycle is completed and finished.

Pros & Cons: Cuisinart DGB 650BC


  • You can brew 1 cup and also 10 cups making it quite versatile and customer-need based.
  • It has a special reservoir cover along with a release button.
  • The showerhead ensures even distribution of water over the coffee.
  • It helps to reduce temperature loss when water is passed through the grounds of coffee.
  • You can manually turn off the coffee maker.
  • The LED indicator is bright and easily viewable.
  • It also gives out an audible tone (5 times) once the brew cycle is complete.
  • It has special features that increase flavor, temperature & extraction when we brew less than 5 cups.
  • An hour and minute button to program clock and switch the automatic on the button as and when you need it.
  • 24-hour programmable technology
  • Good value for money


  • A few customers complained of problems after 4 months of use.
  • The hatch from where the coffee beans go got damaged and warped.
  • They do not adhere to the warranty & guarantee terms & conditions.
  • The updates in terms of spare parts at times are not fully complementary to the original ones.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can somebody pour 10 cups of water and brew only 4 cups of coffee?
A: Yes, it is possible through the brewed coffee will be hotter and stronger.
Q: What is the actual height of the Coffee Maker?
A: The Cuisinart DGB 650BC comes with overall specifications of 9.8 inches length, 9.8 inches length, 12 inches breadth and 17.5 inches of height. It comes with 15.18/8 inches of height. This is from the countertop to the tallest point as far as the coffee maker is concerned. However, when you open it the overall height will be 17.5 inches.
Q: Why there are some residues of ground coffee each time I use it?
A: The problem should not occur if the disposable filter is properly faced.

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A Look At Cuisinart DGB 700BC

This without any doubt is a great looking and high performing coffee maker. The Cuisinart DGB 700BC comes with a number of attractive features. To begin with, it is known for its majestic look and one of the most scientific and intelligent ergonomics. Whether it is the keys and knobs for operation in the front of the body of the coffee maker, there is no doubt that you can expect to get the best value for money.

It would, therefore, be interesting to probe further into this brand of the coffee maker from Cuisinart and find out as to why it stands out from the crowd. We hope that the next few lines will help our readers to get a better understanding of this coffee filter when you compared it with Cuisinart DGB650 BC.


  • This is a BPA-free coffee maker.
  • The Cuisinart DGB700BC also comes with a water reservoir and water level indicator.
  • The resting plate is made from nonstick coating material and is also scratch-resistant.
  • The core storage helps you to store the appliance once it has been used.
  • The grind off and on button and program on and off button help in easy operation of the coffee maker.
  • The filter also has a charcoal water filter. This eliminates bad taste, odors and also chlorine.
  • It is fully programmable 24 hours with hours and minutes facilities.
  • The whole beans are grounded properly before brewing.
  • The coffee maker is designed for 10 cups but you can also brew 1 cup and move higher as you wish, based on your exact needs and requirements.
  • The permanent filter is not only durable but looks great because of the commercial style design features.
  • It has a brew-pause function the stops the flow of coffee from the basket.

Pros & Cons: Cuisinart DGB 700BC


  • Many things are likable about the coffee maker.
  • It is easy to use, maintain and clean.
  • The automatic time setting is a great way to enjoy tasty coffee as and when you need it.
  • It allows users to have complete and total control over the strength of the coffee.
  • It is totally BPA free
  • The charcoal filter helps to remove odor-causing and impure water.
  • It has a 3-year limited warranty attached to it.
  • On the whole, there is no doubt that it offers good value for money.


  • Some customers believe that it makes a lot of noise.
  • Few customers have reported that it required replacement after four to five months.
  • The automatic functioning has failed in a few cases.
  • Replacements of spare parts have been tardy and unreliable.
  • Customers’ services are not as good as one would have expected it to be.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: After around 2 or 3 years the brewing quality is not the same as it was when it was bought new? What could be the reason
A: This may have more to do with the cleaning of your coffee maker. You may have to clean the heating elements because it may have caked with calcium/life and scale. Running it through vinegar could help in cleaning it.
Q: Why does it leave behind ground residues?
A: This could be because of the disposal filters that may require replacement. Alternately, ensure that the disposal filter is placed properly so as to help in complete and total filtration.


Though there are some differences as far as Cuisinart DGB 650BC and Cuisinart DGB 700BC are concerned, both are unique and have many functions that are complementary to one another and also the difference. Both are from the same brand and therefore it would be better for the customers to make the right choice, based on their specific needs and requirements.

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Review

People have always turned away from essential things they require most in their houses due to tight budgets they are ever involved in. For coffee fans, getting a coffee machine is no more a challenge, Cuisinart is providing you best coffee machine that can be used both for brewing and grinding. Cuisinart DGB 900bc is among the top-notch models you will find in the market. Not only that, machines from Cuisinart are a stand out in the market, but also they have taken by storm the automatic espresso machine.

With Cuisinart’s fine burr grind and brew, you’re assured of the best cup of coffee all day long. With just a touch on its buttons, you will have a superior taste of burr ground prepared and impress all those you plan to serve. This machine is a real device for maintaining authentic coffee flavors. Additionally, it grinds beans in the perfect way possible to give you a bold and bright taste on cups you will prepare. It’s a twelve cup thermal carafe that is designed to keep your content both fresh and hot. You will enjoy a good taste from your first cup to the last one.

Herein you will learn more about the brand’s superior features and its performance. You will also have an idea of whether Cuisinart DGB 900bc is ideal for you or not.

Design and hardware

The machine looks stylish and sleek. Its simple design gives it an elegant shape. The vertical and narrow shape complimented by its beautiful and rounded edges gives it such a classy look.

The lid of the hopper container is transparent to allow users to watch coffee beans sinking while being ground. For dimensions, it measures 1.7 x 8.4 x 16.2 inches. This means that it will quietly sit in the yonder corner. It weighs around 9.9 pounds, thus making it possible to be moved around with ease.

It has a black body with a top that is silver in color, making it a pleasant object. Its shape is also nice to match well, your décor. The burr grinder is located just at the belly of the machine. It helps grinding beans automatically people they are passed to the next chamber at the mixing chute.

The machine provides a scratch-resistant resting plate with a non-sticking coat. So, for those who might be worried about their children dragging the machine over a polished surface or glass should rest assured that no damage will occur.

The entire construction of this machine feels much modular. Cuisinart coffee maker parts can be disassembled easily for cleaning and placed back together with little effort. This machine will come along with the user manual and guide for maintenance purposes and optimal operation to the DIY enthusiasts.

The included carafe to this big machine comes with a hands-free lid. The thermal carafe has been designed with insulated and double-walled stainless steel that is enough to keep the content piping hot all through. You should just fill it up to have twelve steaming instant coffee cups for your visitors.

Cuisinart DGB 900bc programmable features

Regarding its tag price in the market, Cuisinart grind and brew is an excellent option to check at. The machine also comes along with a mix of excellent features that makes it unique among other market brands like the Starbucks coffee maker verismo. With the help of its LCD screen and programmable control panel, you’re assured of a cup without much hassle. Additionally, the manual guide helps at guiding users to make operations the perfect way possible. Its components and features make Cuisinart DGB 900bc more consistent and user-friendly.

Burr grinder

This part is quite large, and it’s located on top of this machine. It does an excellent job to grind the beans the best way possible, like any other premium options in the market. The best thing about this super-premium market machine is that grinding is automatic before brewing. There is no chopping of the beans, but crushing them, this is important, especially for those who need to make great coffee. Crushing the beans well means they will be treated well to retain great flavor possible. Cuisinart grind & brew dgb-900bc is an excellent option to consider having at home.

Brew pause

Out there in the market, you will come across different coffee makers at large. However, getting the one with this feature can be tricky since there are few options with it. This feature helps users to pause when brewing coffee; this means that whenever a cup or carafe is removed from its place, the flow will automatically stop and you will have 20 seconds to get it back to its place. It’s a useful feature since you will be relieved from cleaning the tray located underneath very often.

Strength selector

This is an excellent feature to help you select the refreshment level you will like your coffee to attain. For this, there are three options available; mild, medium level, and strong. Therefore, you can make your favorite refreshment level with the help of this convenient feature.

Grind control knob

This machine has this feature allowing users to make a selection of the number of cups you will like to brew. It’s capable of brewing two standard cups to twelve cups.

Grind off button

For those who will need to prepare coffee with ground coffee, you should just open the machine filter door, place your ground beans to the machine filter basket. Follow up the process by pressing the grind off button and turn the machine on to start producing coffee you may need to have.

Safety feature

The machine’s bean hopper has a knob that is responsible for locking the container preventing any accidental detachment. There is no grinding that will take place if the hopper is not placed precisely. Additionally, if you try turning on the coffee maker with the hopper part, not in place, your machine will beep until you install the missing piece.


The performance of this machine is an essential part of the Cuisinart DGB-900BC review. The performance of the device ensures the ultimate choice for buying it. This section will show the experience obtained by those who have used the machine before. This machine was majorly constructed to improve the ability to get out with the right amount of coffee you will need. Cuisinart DGB 900bc brews well, and the flavor will be maintained all through. The essential thing in most coffee maker devices in the market is how consistent grounds it’s capable of making. Even though the consistency seemed to be a little bit underwhelming, the machine generally performs better.

A complete brewing cycle will take you through the process in just about eight minutes. This is something not bad as such as most coffee makers take a similar time to make a complete cycle.

Even though the machine generates enough heat, it won’t arrive at the 200 degrees point; this means the machine gives heat as far as it operates. However, excellent coffee needs around 200 degrees to have the entire process completed successfully. The performance of the brewing heat can be considered consistent regarding its features and price.

Cleaning and maintenance

These are essential aspects of this review. Herein you will have an idea of how the machine will be cleaned and maintained. Even though the cleaning aspect of the device is not such a tricky case, extra effort is required to have it done in the best way possible. All that is needed to do this properly, you will have all parts disabled and separately cleaned.

Users are strongly recommended to clean the machine’s burr grinder mechanism, its hopper, and coffee chute after every around seven to ten use. In the package, the manufacturer has included the scoop, brush, and tool to help with the general cleaning of the machine.

The machine parts, including the underneath tray, the coffee chute, the bean hopper, and the burr grinder, can be cleaned by the hand, but it will be somehow tricky. But then, worry less about this since every part is easily removed, and setting back them to the machine is as easy as one plus one.


  • The machine is programmable.
  • Equipped with grind control to select the number of cups you need to prepare
  • The machine is equipped with coffee strength control.


  • The brew pause of the machine has a timer.
  • The carafe can be filled with ground sediments of coffee.
  • It’s equipped with a small LCD



For those who need a machine that gives you the best, this is the option to consider. It’s a coffee maker with excellent features that will make you think that it’s even capable of reading the mind. In the entire sub-premium category of coffee makers, few options can provide you the best of best as this coffee maker. It is a fully programmable machine equipped with a strength selector, an LCD panel, and the volume control. It has so many features that justify its market price.

Cuisinart DCC 3200 Review

Are you looking for one of the best coffee makers for an everyday brew? Do you want a cost-effective solution and the best performance? If yes, Cuisinart DCC 3200 is worth considering. This mid-priced coffee maker has everything that you can expect from the best quality product. If you want to know what it makes the best product and which features are worth spending, you can go through the following Cuisinart DCC 3200 review.

Cuisinart DGB-800 Fully Automatic Burr Grind & Brew, 12 Cup, Silver
Cuisinart SS-15CP Coffeemaker, 12 Cup, Copper
Cuisinart SS-20P1 Coffee Center 10-Cup Thermal Single-Serve Brewer Coffeemaker, Silver
Cuisinart DGB-800 Fully Automatic Burr Grind & Brew, 12 Cup, Silver
Cuisinart SS-15CP Coffeemaker, 12 Cup, Copper
Cuisinart SS-20P1 Coffee Center 10-Cup Thermal Single-Serve Brewer Coffeemaker, Silver
Amazon (Paid link)
Amazon (Paid link)
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Cuisinart DGB-800 Fully Automatic Burr Grind & Brew, 12 Cup, Silver
Cuisinart DGB-800 Fully Automatic Burr Grind & Brew, 12 Cup, Silver
Amazon (Paid link)
Cuisinart SS-15CP Coffeemaker, 12 Cup, Copper
Cuisinart SS-15CP Coffeemaker, 12 Cup, Copper
Amazon (Paid link)
Cuisinart SS-20P1 Coffee Center 10-Cup Thermal Single-Serve Brewer Coffeemaker, Silver
Cuisinart SS-20P1 Coffee Center 10-Cup Thermal Single-Serve Brewer Coffeemaker, Silver
Amazon (Paid link)

The review will focus on every detail to enable readers to make the right decision without any confusion. You will be familiar with the features, pros, and even negatives. Also, you will know when you should buy DCC 3200 and when it will not be an ideal option. Keep reading to know Cuisinart DCC 3200 is the best fit for your brewing needs or not.

Key Features

Pre-programmable: Users will have the option to pre-program the time for brewing the coffee within twenty-four hours. It has an auto-shut feature for easy and hassle-free usage. The self-clean feature ensures easy maintenance.

State-of-the-art technology: This innovative heating technology can make the water extra hot without affecting the flavor of your coffee. You can enjoy the hot coffee whenever you want without bothering much about the flavor.

Different Brew Strengths: With this coffee maker, you can enjoy different types of brew strengths such as regular strength or bold brew strengths. It can be perfect when your family loves different brew strengths. All of them can enjoy their coffee without spending on a new one for bold or lighter strength.

Adjustable Temperature Control: You will have adjustable temperature control. This feature will enable users to choose a higher or lower setting depending on their requirements. For example, you can use a higher setting to maintain the warmness for a long time and a lower setting for a smaller pot to get the desired taste.

Amount Setting: You will have the option to brew one cup, a few, or up to 14 cups. You can start your day with as many cups as you want by setting the right temperature only.

Modern & Stylish Design: The design can complement the interior of any modern kitchen and can boost the curb appeal of your kitchen.

Commercial Style Permanent Filter: It has a commercial-style permanent filter with a reusable gold-tone filter to offer easy brewing.

How Does Cuisinart DCC 3200 Work?

DDC 3200 is super easy to work. Even if you have never used a coffee maker before, you can easily handle this one. All you need to do is to add the required amount of the water and coffee and then you will have to press the bold button to get a hot and stronger brew. It will not take more than five to ten minutes to brew even a full pot.

You will need the optimal brewing temperature between 190 to 205 degrees for about five to ten minutes to get quality coffee and good taste.

What Makes It Different?

Ideal Brewing Ability: Cuisinart DCC 3200 is designed to reach about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is considered ideal for brewing. It has a bold setting that will keep water hot for a long in the brewing chamber without compromising the flavor. The adjustable temperature and the lengthier extraction time enable this coffee maker to produce a richer brew with the desired taste.

Impressive Design: You will love the feel and look of this coffee maker. It will blend well with the modern kitchen. Also, it is available in different color options to help you to find the best fit depending on the design and color of your kitchen interior. Its glass carafe can hold twelve to fourteen cups of a brew.

Easy to Maintain & Use: DCC-3200 features an LED display that is visible and large. You can easily read the display. Also, it is pre-programmable for 24 hours. The control panel is easy to understand.

Once you push a particular button, the light will up. Even the first-time user will not have any difficulty understanding the control panel and its buttons. There is an auto-clean option. You just need to follow the instructions to enable your coffee maker to take care of its cleaning.

You will find four circular buttons on its bottom. It will include a bold setting, the brew button, 1-4 Cups, and the auto-program button. These buttons are large enough for easy reading. You can press any of them according to your brewing needs. When it comes to the clean button, it looks like an indicator light and helps you to know when the cleaning is due.

There is a button around the clock that has separate minute and hour controls. Both the auto program and clock are designed to get a delayed brew time. Also, there are controls for temperature, tones, beeps, belches, burps, whistles, and audible notifications. All these buttons make it extremely easy for users to use this machine and to get the most out of this coffee maker.

Different Settings: The control panel will enable you to set the glass carafe slow, medium, or high depending on your unique requirements. Gulpers might like a low medium setting and sippers would prefer the hot setting. Also, the hotplate will turn off automatically in two hours and can be adjusted up to even four hours.

Size: This size makes it a favorite option for different occasions. You can use it for your personal use and entertain your guests. It enables users to brew the smaller batches by pressing its 1-4 buttons. However, the taste will not be compromised.

Filtration System: Another noteworthy feature is the charcoal filtration that will remove chlorine and other impurities. The filtration system will keep the calcium carbonate buildup to the minimum. These filters are replaceable as well.

Brew Pause: This model of the Cuisinart has a brew pause feature that will stop the extraction process. That will enable you to sneak a cup or two before completing the cycle. While doing so, the dripping will be minimal.

Carafe: You might not notice a major difference between the old version and the new version of a carafe. Both are the same in many ways. The carafe will pour nicely without or with the lid on it. The new lid will pop off and on like the previous one. This version has a glass carafe. The glass carafe will keep your coffee hot for a long.

Water Filling: As stated earlier, it has bigger size of water filling and that ensures a big size hole. The lid of the unit can rise to ninety degrees straight up. Therefore, you can easily fill it. Also, there is a restriction on the tilt that will preserve the hot water tube integrity.

What Is Included in the Package?

The package has everything to meet your brewing needs. It will have a Cuisinart DCC-3200 machine, charcoal water filter, a user manual, a gold-tone permanent filter, a glass carafe, and a stand 12 months warranty. You can use the user manual to know how to use your coffee maker. As it comes with a gold-tone permanent filter, you do not need to buy filer papers. You will also have the option of an additional warranty. For this, you will have to pay a minimal amount.

Who Can Buy DCC-3200?

DCC-3200 can be perfect for all who are not familiar with a coffee machine and do not know how to get the optimal performance. It is incredibly easy to use even for beginners. This coffee machine can be best if you prefer coffee frequently and want one that comes with the pre-programming feature. It can entertain you and even a group of your friends in a matter of a few minutes.

When Should You Avoid This Coffee Maker?

It might be perfect for all who want innovative technology and easy usage and maintenance. However, it might not be ideal for you if you are looking for a super stylish design.

The design is stylish but basic. It might not add a wow factor to your countertop. Just compare the price with the top expensive picks. You might not be disappointed if you consider the overall value and performance.


Easy to use and maintains expensive with innovative technology easy to use control panel and controls water temperature auto program to offer delayed brewing Extended extraction timeBrew pause button Small batch compatible Adjustable settings Charcoal filtration


A bit more steamy than other modelsWater the reservoir’s lid doesn’t open far enough

Customers’ Feedback

If you go through the reviews of the customers of the DCC-3200, you will come to know that most of the customers are satisfied with the performance of the product. They appreciate the compact design, easy usage, easy cleaning, adjustable settings, adjustable temperature, bright and easy display, taste, controls, and auto cleaning feature. Only one customer wants improvement in the lid.

Wrapping Up

The Cuisinart DCC-3200 can be perfect to enjoy a full-flavored cup without any hassle. It is loaded with many advanced and easy-to-use features to make the end product incomparable for first-time users. Also, the price makes it one of the most preferred choices. If you are looking for a mid-priced, easy-to-use, compact, pre-programmable, and easy-to-maintain coffee maker, you should not look beyond this option. You will love the flavor and easy brewing.

Cuisinart DGB 850 vs. 800 Review

Coffee is just one of the most popular beverages that people love to drink. Aside from the fact that it gives you boosting energy whenever you are tired from work or having a bad day, it also provides you a soothing relief of calmness as you sip every drop of it. And not only that but drinking coffee also comes with many health benefits! Here are three coffee miracles that you can get while enjoying its taste:

Lowering the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

A recent study suggests that those who consume 6 or more cups per day have a lower risk or chance of getting Type II Diabetes by almost 22%. Coffee intake is really ideal for your body.

Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

People who consume 3-5 cups of coffee a day are less likely to show early symptoms of Heart Disease. It happens because they tend to develop less calcification in their arteries. The blood flow will be significantly improved to improve circulation. It is advantageous to have coffee regularly.

Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

Studies suggest that 4 cups of coffee may help protect you against the development of Multiple Sclerosis. It is because coffee prevents Neural Inflammation that leads to the development of the disease. It also can be of great help so that you can have healthier bones.

Coffee is also rich in anti-oxidants that help you alter the aging process, giving you younger, more subtle, and healthy-looking skin. These benefits are fascinating and can be used to persuade your favorite coffee-hater buddy anytime.

Surely, the health benefits of coffee are good. But how can you get those if you are struggling with your workloads and busy schedule? Well, there is only one thing you could do to have these benefits, and that is getting a coffee maker like the Coffe Maker Cuisinart DGB 850 or Cuisinart DGB 800!

These two coffee maker options are very popular in the market today. A lot of people take advantage of these products because of their usefulness in day-to-day use. The product from Cuisinart will provide guaranteed service. It will not fail any time soon because it is made to provide high-quality service.

Cuisinart as their manufacturer has been in the appliance industry for many years. It has produced thousands and thousands of appliances to make sure everyone can experience the great functionality of its product. Many people have trusted the brand.

Here are two products that seek to give you what you need whenever you want a sip of coffee:

Best Cuisinart Coffee Makers

Coffee Maker Cuisinart DGB 850

Cuisinart DGB 850 is available on Amazon for just 128. 30 Dollars and offers many features including the capacity to brew 10 cups of coffee within just one brewing. If you are a heavy coffee drinker, you can take advantage of this item because it can make you 10 cups instantly in one brewing.

You don’t have to undergo a lot of processes every time you need a good cup of coffee.

Aside from that, the Coffee Maker Cuisinart DGB 850 has authorized that ensures that coffee grounds enter the basket perfectly. Through this, you don’t have to worry about the mess that you can have. So, if you have a very busy schedule and lots of workloads, then this is just perfect for you.

You will never be anxious about cleaning the mess after you drink your coffee. And not just that, it also comes with a half-pound bean hopper that ensures coffee beans will be ground finely without affecting their quality. These features make sure that you can get the goodness from the beans to ensure good taste. The beans will be made into coffee grounds where you can get the coffee extracts conveniently.

The products are very durable and made of high-quality materials. It can stand heavy daily use and function. You can be sure to get full value from the money that you will invest in this item. This is also made by Cuisinart, which is a renowned brand when it comes to the coffee maker and other similar appliances. The name itself can give you a guarantee that you can expect high performance and durable coffee maker.

The product comes with one (1) year extended warranty so you will not worry about the product malfunction or showing defects. You can still return it to the manufacturer as long as it is under warranty provided and that the cause of the damage is within the warranty coverage. You can surely enjoy and use the coffee maker without any worries.

Best Cuisinart Coffee Makers

2. Coffee Maker Cuisinart DGB 800

Do you have a big family who loves drinking coffee together? Or friends that love the taste and aroma of these energizing beans? Well, Coffee Maker Cuisinart DGB 800 can brew 12 cups with just one brewing. You don’t have to worry about your friends waiting for a long time just because of the small quantities produced by your old coffee maker. You can now have enough coffee servings for everyone.

This is bigger and has more capacity than the first product mentioned above. This is perfect for you and for those who have a big family who enjoys coffee a lot. This is bigger than the first product above. It can give you more cups of coffee and let you enjoy better coffee bonding with your family.

The product form uniform consistency which means all the coffee that comes from it has the same taste, the same aroma, the same nutrients, and most importantly has the same quality so you can guarantee yourself a good tasting coffee within your taste! This machine can bring out the best in your coffee. You will surely enjoy it and make it your regular buddy.

Its Direct Flow Assembly effortlessly dispenses all the coffee directly into the basket. The coffee grounds will be automatically poured into the basket making the setting and brewing process easy. You can also prevent the occurrence of spillage. It will give you much more time to enjoy your coffee without any hassle and inconvenience. The coffee ground will be contained in the basket so that you can easily take it off after brewing. The cleaning process will give you full convenience as well.

The item also comes with one (1) year extended warranty just like the Coffee Maker Cuisinart DGB 850 giving enough time for you to enjoy your cup without worries. It has the same manufacturer as Coffee Maker Cuisinart DGB 850, so you will get the same quality. Coffee Maker Cuisinart DGB 800 is available on Amazon, and you can have it delivered to your home’s doorstep. Check it out today and compare it with the first product so that you know which one will work best for your needs. You are the best person who knows what product you need. Take a pick and feel free to place an order today.

We now come to heavy industrialization, and that means a lot of work. We are now at the age of instants, wherein technology has done many things just to make our lives easier, and a coffee-maker is just one of the fruits of it. Take advantage of this by getting it today to provide a solution for your regular coffee needs. You can pick any from the two since they are both proven high quality, durable, and tough. It will not easily wear out, and you can make use of it several times a day for several years. Just make sure that you provide proper maintenance and care to the unit that you are going to purchase. If you take care of the appliance, you will not encounter early damage and malfunctions. It will serve you every day and make your life easy.

Yes, a coffee maker will satisfy your coffee craving just right in time, night and day. Getting a cafe maker is easy but choosing the right product can be struggling. There are many brands and designs of coffee makers out there offering exceptional services and satisfaction. But too many of them that you can’t just decide what to buy! With this review, you now have a better understanding of the two options from Cuisinart. You have discovered the features that each has so you can compare which one you will like and enjoy regularly having.

The products offer different advantages to each other, and each product provides features different from the other one. But still, both these products offer satisfaction and give services according to your needs. You may choose from these amazing coffee-makers according to your wants and preferences. So, what are you waiting for? Come on and have a cup of coffee. It will surely make your day just bright and clear!

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