Coffee Maker Cuisinart SS-15 Review

You feel content and confident when you are well prepared. It can be as simple as keeping everything ready for dinner one hour before or buying some insurance policy for your family’s future. It is all about being prepared in life and keeping things in place whenever they are needed. So, it is better to cultivate the attitude of being prepared for the outcome irrespective of its time and seriousness. So, this principle or attitude always applies to daily needs like coffee.

The majority of people like to have a cup of coffee as soon as they wake-up in the morning. Earlier it was hard to make this true but not today. Today, in most of the houses, you can easily find coffee machines with features like setting time or coffee timers that are programmable. Coffee machine owners happily take a nap after setting the machine since they know that they will get a fresh cup of coffee to greet them in the morning. Using these easy to use machines people are enjoying coffee and serving it to their family hassle-free.

With the invention of Cuisinart SS-15, people are satisfying their desires. When they wake-up a fresh cup of coffee will be ready. More than that, they can even serve coffee to their guests as well. Cuisinart is one of the very popular and leading cookware companies in America. They have released the best Cuisinart SS-15. This machine is considered an all-in-all solution for coffee lovers and it is the best with all the necessary features. 

Cuisinart SS-15 Review

This coffee maker has evolved and it is the combination of features of two other coffee makers. It combines the D-3200 and SS-10. Among the two parts of the coffee maker, the righter angle is Cuisinart SS-10. So, this part is meant for a single-serving choice. On the other side, you can see a conventional coffee maker. Also, you may see a brewing basket on top of the glass carafe. There is an LCD menu with an elegant look and features. You can see a few buttons on this LCD menu gracing the machine’s face.

These buttons are easy to use since they are easy to understand. You can easily operate them using the instructions given. The two ledges present to allow the users to unlock either the K-cup holder or the left-side brewing basket. You can see a slender and slim water reservoir behind the K-cup holder. This is complete with a charcoal water filter. The capacity of the water filter is 40-ounce. Since there is an indication of the water reservoirs, it is easy to fill it.

The earlier versions like Cuisinart SS-10 and SS-5 had a 30-minute auto-off feature. But, it is not the case with Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker. Consumers can make use of programming ranges up to four hours and they can set auto-switching off mode too. The hotter plate present is similar to DCC-3200 and it has 3 adjustable settings. Users can make use of removable drip tray present on the single side serve. This is a standard feature present on coffee makers in this class. You can also see a great feature in Cuisinart SS-15 and that is a reusable filter cup. By using this, users can prepare a single cup of coffee with unique grinds.

Let’s list out some great features of Cuisinart SS-15.

  • Cuisinart SS-15 is very easy to use and it comes with user-friendly control panel
  • This is a programmable 12-cups coffee maker and it has a charcoal water filter
  • Cuisinart SS-15 features adjustable heat plate and drip filter basket
  • The best part is it has a removable drip tray
  • The material used is stainless steel and it ensures easy cleaning
  • Cuisinart thermal carafe and removable capsule holders are two more best features offered
  • Cuisinart SS-15 can serve your guest’s multiple cups of coffee and it also has single-serve K-cup option for daily needs
  • Has a great build quality

Even if you think about the product cost, Cuisinart is worth buying. The Cuisinart always served products at best product cost. Since this two-way coffee maker is released with a combined feature of two earlier models, it is a legendary Cuisinart coffee maker. This machine is available for a reasonable price of $140.

But, compared to earlier Cuisinart models, SS-15 coffee maker has great built. More than that, this stainless system is released in a variety of colors. Since it is very easy to disassemble Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker, it is very easy to clean. Users should make use of the Cuisinart coffee center manual when they want to clean the machine. They can also allow the machine to self-clean by using the feature offered in the control panel.

The Cuisinart SS-15 also comes with three free K-cup capsules. You can make use of these Medium Roast, French Vanilla, and Dark Roast. Along with that users can also utilize HomeBarista Reusable K-cup. It is possible to save a lot of money since Cuisinart SS-15 allows you to grind your beans in different flavors for single-serve use.

Cuisinart SS-15: Pros and Cons

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Cuisinart SS-15 offers coffee in outstanding taste. The auto-off option available in the machine is customizable. This coffee machine is designed after combining the features of two legendary coffee makers. One is DCC-3200 and the other is SS-10. The brew cycle present on both sides of SS-15 runs at above-average speed. Cuisinart SS1-5 makes use of charcoal water filter and it offers ultimate water purification. The coffee strength settings present in the Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker are derived from DCC-3200.

Huge water storage:

Compared to other models, Cuisinart SS-15 can store a lot of water. The storage capacity is 60 z.

Maximized Coffee Extraction:

When the user opens the lid for filling the ground coffee, they can see a shower head inside the lid. This showerhead system is highly effective and it is far better compared to simple water pouring. So, when you pour water using this shower head system on coffee you can get the highest flavor from the coffee.

Reusable Filter:

Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker has a reusable filter and it also offers few paper filters. Users can choose between paper filters and reusable filter. Even though users should try both options, the reusable filter can save a lot and you need not go again and again for shopping the filter.

Automatic and programmable brew start:

Some of the features in Cuisinart SS-15 are physical and some others are digitally controlled. It is possible to program this Cuisinart SS-15 to offer a cup of coffee when you want. For example, if you plan to wake-up at 7 in the morning, then you can program it to offer a cup of coffee at 7 am.

Customizable Coffee Boldness

Yes, Cuisinart SS-15 has customizable coffee boldness options. So, you can make a coffee as strong as you like and you can serve your guests based on their taste.

Cuisinart SS-15 Cons

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  • It is very important to calibrate the puncture mechanism present on the single-serve side. If you didn’t do it properly, you can easily end up with a mess
  • Compared to earlier models, this machine takes up a large space
  • The Carafe present can drop over time


Even though the earlier models like Cuisinart SS-10 and DCC-3200 are special and comfortable, Cuisinart comes with a bit more features. The Cuisinart SS-15 is ready to serve all coffee lovers with all different tastes. Of course, the machine takes a lot of space in the kitchen but it is worth using. You can serve your guests coffee of their taste and needs and you can enjoy the coffee with a single-cup option. The best part is, Cuisinart Ss-15 is programmable and your coffee will be ready by the time you wake up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean the Cuisinart SS-15?

It is very easy to clean this machine since you can easily disassemble it. If you do not have time for manual cleaning, you can make use of the auto-clean option present on the menu.

Does the Single-serve side have enough water storage?

Yes, there is no need to fill water frequently even for a single size. It has water storage of 40z.

What about temperature setting options in the coffee maker?

The coffee machine offers low, medium, and high-temperature settings. More than this, you can also use the programmable duration. The options are given in bold and it is easily understandable.

Doesn’t the machine offer customizable coffee flavor?

Yes, this is the best thing about Cuisinart SS-15. You can brew the coffee of your choice using this coffee maker. You can also serve your guests by asking for their tastes and needs. It offers the best flavors and you can make your coffee either strong or light as per your needs.

What is the overall size of the machine in terms of height, width, and depth?

The size is 10 1/2 w x 10 1/2 d x 14 3/4 t. Even though this coffee maker takes but space in your kitchen, it is worth buying. It can serve every need of a coffee lover.

Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center 12-Cup Coffeemaker and Single-Serve Brewer, Silver