Cuisinart DGB-900BC Review

People have always turned away from essential things they require most in their houses due to tight budgets they are ever involved in. For coffee fans, getting a coffee machine is no more a challenge, Cuisinart is providing you best coffee machine that can be used both for brewing and grinding. Cuisinart DGB 900bc is among the top-notch models you will find in the market. Not only that, machines from Cuisinart are a stand out in the market, but also they have taken by storm the automatic espresso machine.

With Cuisinart’s fine burr grind and brew, you’re assured of the best cup of coffee all day long. With just a touch on its buttons, you will have a superior taste of burr ground prepared and impress all those you plan to serve. This machine is a real device for maintaining authentic coffee flavors. Additionally, it grinds beans in the perfect way possible to give you a bold and bright taste on cups you will prepare. It’s a twelve cup thermal carafe that is designed to keep your content both fresh and hot. You will enjoy a good taste from your first cup to the last one.

Herein you will learn more about the brand’s superior features and its performance. You will also have an idea of whether Cuisinart DGB 900bc is ideal for you or not.

Design and hardware

The machine looks stylish and sleek. Its simple design gives it an elegant shape. The vertical and narrow shape complimented by its beautiful and rounded edges gives it such a classy look.

The lid of the hopper container is transparent to allow users to watch coffee beans sinking while being ground. For dimensions, it measures 1.7 x 8.4 x 16.2 inches. This means that it will quietly sit in the yonder corner. It weighs around 9.9 pounds, thus making it possible to be moved around with ease.

It has a black body with a top that is silver in color, making it a pleasant object. Its shape is also nice to match well, your décor. The burr grinder is located just at the belly of the machine. It helps grinding beans automatically people they are passed to the next chamber at the mixing chute.

The machine provides a scratch-resistant resting plate with a non-sticking coat. So, for those who might be worried about their children dragging the machine over a polished surface or glass should rest assured that no damage will occur.

The entire construction of this machine feels much modular. Cuisinart coffee maker parts can be disassembled easily for cleaning and placed back together with little effort. This machine will come along with the user manual and guide for maintenance purposes and optimal operation to the DIY enthusiasts.

The included carafe to this big machine comes with a hands-free lid. The thermal carafe has been designed with insulated and double-walled stainless steel that is enough to keep the content piping hot all through. You should just fill it up to have twelve steaming instant coffee cups to your visitors.

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Cuisinart DGB 900bc programmable features

Regarding its tag price in the market, Cuisinart grind and brew is an excellent option to check at. The machine also comes along with a mix of excellent features that makes it unique among other market brands like the Starbucks coffee maker verismo. With the help of its LCD screen and programmable control panel, you’re assured of a cup without much hassle. Additionally, the manual guide helps at guiding users to make operations the perfect way possible. Its components and features make Cuisinart DGB 900bc more consistent and user-friendly.

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Burr grinder

This part is quite large, and it’s located on top of this machine. It does an excellent job to grind the beans the best way possible, like any other premium options in the market. The best thing about this super-premium market machine is that grinding is automatic before brewing. There is no chopping of the beans, but crushing them, this is important, especially for those who need to make great coffee. Crushing the beans well means they will be treated well to retain great flavor possible. Cuisinart grind & brew dgb-900bc is an excellent option to consider having at home.

Brew pause

Out there in the market, you will come across different coffee makers at large. However, to get the one with this feature can be tricky since there are few options with it. This feature helps users to pause when brewing coffee; this means that whenever a cup or carafe is removed from its place, the flow will automatically stop and you will have 20 seconds to get it back to its place. It’s a useful feature since you will be relieved from cleaning the tray located underneath very often.

Strength selector

This is an excellent feature to help you select the refreshment level you will like your coffee attain. For this, there are three options available; mild, medium level, and strong one. Therefore, you can make your favorite refreshment level with the help of this convenient feature.

Grind control knob

This machine has this feature allowing users to make a selection of the number of cups you will like to brew. It’s capable of brewing two standard cups to twelve cups.

Grind off button

For those who will need to prepare coffee with ground coffee, you should just open the machine filter door, place your ground beans to the machine filter basket. Follow up the process by pressing the grind off button and turn the machine on to start producing coffee you may need to have.

Safety feature

The machine’s bean hopper has a knob that is responsible for locking the container preventing any accidental detachment. There is no grinding that will take place if the hopper is not placed precisely. Additionally, if you try turning on the coffee maker with the hopper part, not in place, your machine will beep until you install the missing piece.


The performance of this machine is an essential part of the Cuisinart DGB-900BC review. The performance of the device ensures the ultimate choice for buying it. This section will show the experience obtained by those who have used the machine before. This machine was majorly constructed to improve the abilities to get out with the right amount of coffee you will need. Cuisinart DGB 900bc brews well, and the flavor will be maintained all through. The essential thing in most coffee maker devices in the market is how consistent grounds it’s capable of making. Even though the consistency seemed to be a little bit underwhelming, the machine generally performs better.

For a complete brewing cycle, it will take you through the process in just about eight minutes. This is something not bad as such as most coffee makers take a similar time to make a complete cycle.

Even though the machine generates enough heat, it won’t arrive at the 200 degrees point; this means the machine gives heat as far as it operates. However, excellent coffee needs around 200 degrees to have the entire process completed successfully. The performance of the brewing heat can be considered consistent regarding its features and price.

Cleaning and maintenance

These are essential aspects of this review. Herein you will have an idea of how the machine will be cleaned and maintained. Even though the cleaning aspect of the device is not such a tricky case, extra effort is required to have it done in the best way possible. All that is needed to do this properly, you will have all parts disabled and separately cleaned.

Users are strongly recommended to clean the machine’s burr grinder mechanism, its hopper, and coffee chute after every around seven to ten use. In the package, the manufacturer has included the scoop, brush, and tool to help with the general cleaning of the machine.

The machine parts, including the underneath tray, the coffee chute, the bean hopper, and the burr grinder, can be cleaned by the hand, but it will be somehow tricky. But then, worry less about this since every part is easily removed, and setting back them to the machine is as easy as one plus one.


  • The machine is programmable.
  • Equipped with grind control to select the number of cups you need to prepare
  • The machine is equipped with coffee strength control.
  • It has a burr coffee grinder and not just a chopper.


  • The brew pause of the machine has a timer.
  • The carafe can be filled with ground sediments of coffee.
  • It’s equipped with a small LCD


For those who need a machine that gives you the best, this is the option to consider. It’s a coffee maker with excellent features that will make you think that it’s even capable of reading the mind. In the entire sub-premium category of coffee makers, few options can provide you the best of best as this coffee maker. It is a fully programmable machine equipped with a strength selector, an LCD panel, and the volume control. It has so many features that justify its market price.

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemakers

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