Coffee Maker Cuisinart DGB 650bc vs DGB 700bc [2020]


In this article, we will look at two models, Cuisinart DGB 650bc vs DGB 700bc. There is no denying the fact that besides water, coffee and tea are perhaps the two most commonly consumed beverages and drinks. While both coffee and tea are equally popular, we will spend time entirely looking at coffee.

Brewing coffee is an art and if it is done properly it will not only be enjoyable but also refreshing. Caffeine has some known properties that could make a person active and alert. However, it has to be prepared and brewed properly and this is where having a good coffee maker could make a big difference.

If you are on the lookout for the right coffee maker then there are reasons to believe that choosing some models from Cuisinart could be a good choice. But with so many options and choices available within Cuisinart, making the right choice will not be easy, to say the least. There are other brand names too that are in the market and this makes the task even more complicated.

Both the above models are unique in their own ways and therefore we need to have a closer look at each of them and only then we will be able to get to know the basic differences between the two.

We are therefore going more into detail and this article could be considered as a complete and total review of the above two models. We are sure it will be helpful in more ways than one and could assist in making the right choice based on information rather than being pushed into a decision because of hearsays and opinions.

A Look At Cuisinart DGB 650BC

There is no denying the fact that Cuisinart is a big name when it comes to quality coffee makers and therefore this particular model # Cuisinart DGB 650BC. This particular model has a number of reasons to become popular. To begin with, it works on a simple grind and brew technology. Further, it is suitable for a reasonably large family because it can dispense 10-cups of quality coffee and that too automatically.

It is quite attractive looking and the ergonomic design and build are worth mentioning. It can snugly fit in the kitchen or any other small space. Therefore, it could be one of the best solutions for homes with kitchens that are small in size.

It is also an easy-to-use and as mentioned above, it has one of the most customer-friendly grinds and brew technology. It has many other interesting features and functionalities and we will try and find out the same over the next few lines.


  • The Cuisinart DGB 650BC is a versatile model that is customer friendly.
  • It comes with a unique alarm clock that enables you to the aroma of fresh and hot or cold coffee based on your specific needs and requirements.
  • It features the best of coffee making technology and combines it with simplicity and ease of use.
  • It has a 24-hour programmable unit that is quite popular and attractive.
  • It can brew 10 cups automatically in one go.
  • It also permits brewing of smaller quantities without any loss of flavor.
  • It is possible to brew from 1 cup to 4 cups based on specific needs and It comes with a number of accessories. These include a permanent filter that is commercial style, along with a charcoal water filter. This helps in removing impurities. Completely and totally.
  • It also has a unique Brew Pause Feature. This makes Cuisinart DGB 650BC different from others because you can slip in a cup before the cycle is completed and finished.

Pros & Cons: Cuisinart DGB 650BC

  • You can brew 1 cup and also 10 cups making it quite versatile and customer-need based.
  • It has a special reservoir cover along with a release button.
  • The showerhead ensures even distribution of water over the coffee.
  • It helps to reduce temperature loss when water is passed through the grounds of coffee.
  • You can manually turn off the coffee maker.
  • The LED indicator is bright and easily viewable.
  • It also gives out an audible tone (5 times) once the brew cycle is complete.
  • It has special features that increase flavor, temperature & extraction when we brew less than 5 cups.
  • An hour and minute button to program clock and switch the automatic on the button as and when you need it.
  • 24-hour programmable technology
  • Good value for money
  • A few customers complained of problems after 4 months of use.
  • The hatch from where the coffee beans go got damaged and warped.
  • They do not adhere to the warranty & guarantee terms & conditions.
  • The updates in terms of spare parts at times are not fully complementary to the original ones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can somebody pour 10 cups of water and brew only 4 cups of coffee?
A: Yes, it is possible through the brewed coffee will be hotter and stronger.
Q: What is the actual height of the Coffee Maker?
A: The Cuisinart DGB 650BC comes with overall specifications of 9.8 inches length, 9.8 inches length, 12 inches breadth and 17.5 inches of height. It comes with 15.18/8 inches of height. This is from the countertop to the tallest point as far as the coffee maker is concerned. However, when you open it the overall height will be 17.5 inches.
Q: Why there are some residues of ground coffee each time I use it?
A: The problem should not occur if the disposable filter is properly faced.
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A Look At Cuisinart DGB 700BC

This without any doubt is a great looking and high performing coffee maker. The Cuisinart DGB 700BC comes with a number of attractive features. To begin with, it is known for its majestic look and one of the most scientific and intelligent ergonomics. Whether it is the keys and knobs for operation in the front of the body of the coffee maker, there is no doubt that you can expect to get the best value for money.

It would, therefore, be interesting to probe further into this brand of the coffee maker from Cuisinart and find out as to why it stands out from the crowd. We hope that the next few lines will help our readers to get a better understanding of this coffee filter when you compared it with Cuisinart DGB650 BC.


  • This is a BPA free coffee maker.
  • The Cuisinart DGB700BC also comes with a water reservoir and water level indicator.
  • The resting plate is made from nonstick coating material and is also scratch-resistant.
  • The core storage helps you to store the appliance once it has been used.
  • The grind off and on button and program on and off button help in easy operation of the coffee maker.
  • The filter also has a charcoal water filter. This eliminates bad taste, odors and also chlorine.
  • It is fully programmable 24 hours with hours and minutes facilities.
  • The whole beans are grounded properly before brewing.
  • The coffee maker is designed for 10 cups but you can also brew 1 cup and move higher as you wish, based on your exact needs and requirements.
  • The permanent filter is not only durable but looks great because of the commercial style design features.
  • It has a brew-pause function the stops the flow of coffee from the basket.

Pros & Cons: Cuisinart DGB 700BC

  • Many things are likable about the coffee maker.
  • It is easy to use, maintain and clean.
  • The automatic time setting is a great way to enjoy tasty coffee as and when you need it.
  • It allows users to have complete and total control over the strength of the coffee.
  • It is totally BPA free
  • The charcoal filter helps to remove odor-causing and impure water.
  • It has a 3-year limited warranty attached to it.
  • On the whole, there is no doubt that it offers good value for money.
  • Some customers believe that it makes a lot of noise.
  • Few customers have reported that it required replacement after four to five months.
  • The automatic functioning has failed in a few cases.
  • Replacements of spare parts have been tardy and unreliable.
  • Customers’ services are not as good as one would have expected it to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: After around 2 or 3 years the brewing quality is not the same as it was when it was bought new? What could be the reason
A: This may have more to do with the cleaning of your coffee maker. You may have to clean the heating elements because it may have caked with calcium/life and scale. Running it through vinegar could help in cleaning it.
Q: Why does it leave behind ground residues?
A: This could be because of the disposal filters that may require replacement. Alternately, ensure that the disposal filter is placed properly so as to help in complete and total filtration.
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Though there are some differences as far as Cuisinart DGB 650BC and Cuisinart DGB 700BC are concerned, both are unique and have many functions that are complementary to one another and also the difference. Both are from the same brand and therefore it would be better for the customers to make the right choice, based on their specific needs and requirements.

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