Best Jura Coffee Machine Reviews

There are different types of coffee makers on the market. Selecting the best coffee maker should not be underestimated because a simple mistake can make you regret your purchase. Your search for the best coffee maker will be made easy if you have the right information. We cannot point out a specific brand and say that it is the best because people’s tastes, preferences, and financial capabilities differ. Jura is among the best-known coffee maker vendors in the market. If you want to learn more about Jura coffee machines, this article is meant for you.

Best Jura Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Why choose Jura coffee makers

Jura is a company that specializes in automatic coffee machines. The company has dedicated its efforts to producing quality coffee machines, and their main aim is to become experts in the field. The company Jura was founded by the Swiss, but they have established their products to many parts of the word. Coffee maker machines by Jura are made such that they allow for full maintenance regardless of terms of usage and time.

Jura Company Principles

Coffee taste

Their main principle is the coffee taste. It is for this reason why the company produces machines which give the same coffee taste. Recently, they invented the Pulse Extraction Process which ensures a full flavor even for short specialists.

User experience

The company uses a wireless technology that links the coffee filter to the coffee machine so that the coffee machines understand the settings to be chosen using coffee filter types. With this technology, Jura assures its customers that they will have a simple and happy user experience.


They have been looking at the design of their machines as well. The construction materials are of the best quality. You can be assured of good designs and durable machines. You can proudly store the coffee maker machine on your kitchen counter without spoiling the aesthetics of your kitchen.

What to Look For In a Coffee Machine

Simple and clear controls. Go for digital displays because they are easy to operate compared to indicator lights, more so when using programming machines.

Grinders. Adjust the grind to suit the machine and bean. Automatic machines come with built-in grinders.

Coffee strength. People have different preferences when it comes to coffee taste hence the need for a machine that allows you to adjust the intensity to the flavor you prefer.

Size. If you have a large kitchen, you can invest in a big machine. It is essential to choose a machine that takes up less of your kitchen space.

Froth enhancer. Some coffee making machines are fitted with froth enhancers on the wand. With such a feature, frothing will be easy.

Cup warming trays. This helps you to keep your cups warm enhancing the temperature of your drink. With such a tray, your coffee will not cool down fast.

Double shots. Invest in machines that can make two coffee cups at once. Many machines with this ability grind a dose of beans for the two cups making the coffee weaker. The best double shot machines work in quick succession, not at the same time. This way, both shots will be strong enough.

Best Jura Coffee Machine Review


Made from strong and durable stainless steel materials It has an inbuilt grinder Can be used to brew any coffee


  • It has in-built cord storage. After you are done making your coffee, you can store the cord in the compartment to avoid spillages.
  • It has a glass carafe which helps in preserving the coffee flavor, and it can be washed in the dishwashing machine.
  • It is easy to use. You can easily remove the bean container and water flask for refills or cleaning.
  • It can be used to grind oily beans.
  • It is programmable with a controllable number panel.
Jura Capresso Coffee TEAM PRO Plus 487.05 12-Cup Coffee Maker in Stainless Steel


This machine comes out as an automatic solution. It is easy to use and delivers fantastic coffee.


  • User-friendly- it has the smart single switch technique, making it easy to operate.
  • Adjustable height- we have cups of different sizes and the manufacturer has that in mind when manufacturing the adjustable height coffee machine. You can adjust the coffee tuber to fit the size of your cup.
  • With the use of the latest foam froth technologies, the machine gives you the finest foam for your milk beverages.


  • The main downside of this machine is that milk is not produced in the right temperatures.
Jura 15068 IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine, Platinum Includes Jura Milk Container, Care...


C9 is an automatic coffee maker and comes in black. It is outstanding in that; it is fitted with a thermal milk container that can hold up to 14 ounces. Always use the manual provided as a guide when brewing or cleaning the machine.


  • It has beverage settings. You can make different types of coffee by pressing the corresponding button.

Saves on power.

  • Operates on the block heating system. With this feature, temperatures are maintained at the right levels.
  • The machine is sold at two years warranty


  • It has a small water container. This means that you will refill more often and make less coffee at a go.
  • It has a fixed steam tube. This means that it is not easy to adjust spill and only specific cup sizes can be used with the machines.
Jura IMPRESSA C9 Automatic Coffee Machine, Black


This machine is environmentally friendly. It is designed to be energy efficient.


  • You can choose the size of cup to use
  • It has the aroma conservation cover, which ensures the aroma and flavor of your coffee is maintained.
  • It saves energy. As mentioned above, the design is made to be energy efficient.
  • It has an inbuilt grinder which provides all levels of grinding.
  • Easy to operate and use.


  • The only downside of this machine is that it requires frequent cleaning. The main aim is to protect it from high humidity levels.
Jura ENA 1 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Micro Black


As already mentioned, Jura is dedicated to becoming an expert in coffee making machines. You can be sure that all machines launched from Jura are reliable, will serve you for long and give you coffee with amazing taste. If you are in search of coffee making machines, the machines discussed above make among the best choices.

Do not be in a hurry when making the selection of Jura coffee making machines. We have different designs making it possible to get what you want. Machines with more features are more expensive, but even the lowest price will give you rich coffee. Settle for machines that meet your requirements and stick to your budget.

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