5 Best Coffee Makers Under 50$

Read on to know about the best and budget-friendly coffee makers. 

Coffee is a savior for a lot of people out there, like you and me. It is popular to the extent that today, we have our own cafes and coffee shops in almost every other city. 

Yet, have you ever wondered how amazing it would be to get your own cup of coffee at your own convenience? 

You do not have to worry about standing in long queues on a stressful day to get your coffee. You do not have to worry about your favorite coffee shop closing at the time you need it the most!

Almost everything is possible if you decide to buy your own, personal coffee machine. 

So, to help you out, I will talk about: 

  • Their features, pros, and cons.
  • Buying guide for coffee machines
  • Additional FAQ section

5 Best Coffee Makers Under 50$

There are hundreds of coffee makers on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. The good news is that there are tons of affordable options! In this post, we’ll talk about some of our Best Coffee Makers Under 50$

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Manual Coffee Machine

The first on my list of best coffee machines is Mr. Coffee Manual Coffee Machine. This machine comes in two options – black and white. It is made of plastic.

It is easy to use and budget-friendly for almost everyone. 


  • A sleek and simplistic design 
  • Dual water window for better efficiency
  • Extra power and alert signals for power-saving
  • Auto-pause feature for quick functioning
  • Flexible filter basket for cleaning


  • Cost-Effective

One of the major benefits of this coffee machine is how inexpensive it is compared to others. You do not have to worry about paying hundreds of dollars for a coffee machine. 

In fact, its cost does not reduce its quality. This machine still has some great features that make it one of the best machines to purchase. 

  • Simple to Use

The good news is this machine is extremely easy to use. From an experienced coffee drinker to an amateur person, anyone can handle it easily!

  • Energy Saving

If you’re a forgetful person, this machine has power on/off indicators. These indicators light up and alert you if you forget to turn off the machine. 

  • Quick and Efficient

This machine comes with a dual water window that lets you see if you have filled the perfect quantity of water. It also has an auto-pause feature if you wish to grab it before it brews fully. 

Lastly, it is extremely easy to clean!


  • Not very durable

Unlike other machines, this one may not last very long given its price. 

  • Heating issues

Many users have faced heating issues when it comes to this machine.

Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker

Mueller Ultra is yet another amazing buy. It may cost a little over $50 but it is definitely worth the price. 

It is available only in stainless steel color. However, it does look stylish and modern. 


  • Modern design 
  • Excellent brewing power
  • Comes with a permanent and free coffee filter
  • Auto-pause function to get a coffee between brew cycle
  • In-built brew-strength control to get your type of coffee
  • Tight sealing to reduce any leakage


  • Customized coffee

Are you tired of drinking an extremely strongly brewed coffee and want a lighter one? Well, this coffee maker has brew-strength control options to pour you a cup that suits your liking.

  • No Wastage or Mess

This machine, along with the carafe has a tight sealing that prevents your counter from getting dirty and reduces wastage. 

  • Budget-Friendly

You may feel like the budget exceeds your limit. However, isn’t it better to pay extra and go for a machine providing various functions? 

Well, you get to customize your brewing, prevent occasional leaks, and get a permanent coffee filter. This way you will not have to pay extra for paper filters. 

So, it is definitely worth the money. 

  • Great Quality

Mueller Austria offers great quality products to its users. Again, if you ever face any difficulty, you can call up their customer support.


  • Light-weight

As this machine is lightweight, you need to be careful while using it.  

  • No Alert

You will not get an alert when the coffee is fully prepared. So, you may have to keep an eye out for that. 

  • Noisy

This machine may come off as noisy if you have used silent brewing machines before.

Cuisinart DCC-450BK Coffee maker

Unlike the above two machines with a 12-cup carafe, Cuisinart DCC-450BK is a great machine with a 4-cup carafe. An additional coffee filter is also given free with this machine. 

It comes in black color and is made up of durable stainless steel material.


  • Simple yet modern design 
  • Offers tight sealing carafe for reduced leakage
  • Automatic shutting-off feature after 30 minutes
  • Power indicators
  • Free and efficient coffee filter 


  • Power Saving

One of the best advantages of using this coffee machine is its power saving. If you ever forget to turn off your machine, don’t worry as it turns off automatically after 30 minutes. 

  • No leakage

If your coffee machine has a leakage problem, it can cause both mess and wastage. However, with Cuisinart, you can relax as the carafe has a knuckle guard and a tight seal. 

  • Affordable and Efficient

Apart from the price, the Cuisinart machine also comes with a free coffee filter. So, no more spending bucks on buying paper filters. 

It is also efficient as it allows you to have a cup in between the brewing cycle too. 

  • Size

No more buying bulky machines like this one are quite compact and can fit in anywhere!


  • Average Quality Carafe

The carafe given is not of a durable and great quality compared to others.

  • Heating Problems 

Coffee does not remain hot for more than ten minutes or so. 

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a compact and flexible machine, then Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is for you. The carafe has a capacity of 12 cups.

It is made up of glass and is black in color.  


  • Lavish design due to glass 
  • Automatic shutting off feature
  • Offers three brewing options
  • Auto-pause function available 
  • Leak-free to ensure cleanliness
  • Front access water filling available


  • Front Access Option

The front access option makes this machine different than the rest. So, you can easily fill up the water from the front rather than going all the way behind. 

  • Leak-Free Functioning

It also has leak-free functioning to reduce the mess and increase the quantity. 

  • Timer Settings 

This machine also comes with an easy-to-set timer. This timer allows you to set your preferred brewing time and type while relaxing peacefully. 

It also has an automatic shutting off feature that shuts off the machine after two hours. 

  • Maintenance and Storage

Due to its compactness and front-filling alternative, you can even keep it on your shelf to reduce space consumption. 

Additionally, it gives cleaning reminders to keep up the quality of brewing.


  • Poor Heating

One major disadvantage of this machine is the coffee does not stay warm for too long. So, you might have to reheat it again.   

  • Leakage

A few users have complained about its leakage. However, for most of the users, leakage was not a problem at all. 

Insta Coffee Maker

If you want to have a single-serve and instant coffee, this is an ideal choice for you. 

It is available in black color with a compact design. 


  • Quick brewing feature
  • Compact and narrow 
  • One-touch operation for more efficiency
  • Self-cleaning feature available
  • CETL-approved and durable


  • Rapid Operation

You can get your cup of coffee in just about 30 seconds. So, if you are in a hurry, this coffee maker is a savior for sure. 

  • Minimalist Design

There are no complications involved when it comes to the coffee maker’s design. It is narrow to not take up space. The compact nature makes it portable anywhere!

  • Easy to Use

All you have to do while using the Chefman machine is click one button and you will get your coffee in no time!

  • Maintenance and Usage

This machine is also suitable for use with K-cups. It also has a self-cleaning feature to improve performance. 

As it is CETL-approved, it offers durability and one-year assurance. You can also find an information guide online for this machine.


The coffee filter that comes with the machine might not be up to the mark for some people due to its size.   

  • Noise problems

In certain cases, this machine is known to make squeaky and disturbing noises that can ruin your morning. 

So, while there may come certain issues with every coffee maker, these are 5 of the best coffee makers under 50 with some excellent features.

Buying Guide For Coffee Machines

If you’re confused about coffee machines, here is a quick buying guide to assist you in finding your type of machine. 

So, read on to know more!

Things to Look For Before Buying a Machine

Before you buy any machine, here is a list of things to look out for.

Type of Machine

There are various types of coffee machines available like: 

  • Bean to cup machine: These machines grind the coffee beans at the same time as you use them.
  • Espresso machines: These machines are known to brew coffee specifically as per your preferences. They may get hard to use. 
  • Filter coffee machine: These machines are user-friendly and affordable. You just need cold water and ground coffee for it.
  • Coffee vending machines: These machines ground the coffee beans and mix them up with your beverage preference. 

So, choose one depending on your requirements and budget.

Cups or Capacity

It is necessary to know how many people will use the machine before buying it. 

If you’re looking for large capacity, go for 12-cup coffee makers. For medium capacities, 4-cup is fine. 

If you only want one then single-serve is the best option. 


Sometimes, using a coffee maker can get more time-consuming than buying a cup of coffee outside. 

Ensure that whichever coffee maker you are buying has easy functions and buttons so you do not face much difficulty. 

Operation Speed

Some coffee makers are extremely precise and take time. However, they may not be the best option if you just want your coffee made in a few seconds or minutes. 

Depending on your time requirements, choose the coffee machine. 

Maintenance and Usage

Certain coffee makers are fit for long-term usage while others are not durable.

Hence, make sure that whichever machine you buy offers durability. It should also not require too much maintenance that can cost you more. 

You can check out other things too like warranty, extra features, and brewing options to get a better understanding. 

Some Great Coffee Machine Brands

Here is the list of some reliable coffee machine brands. 

  • Mr. Coffee: It has simple and easy-to-use machines. 
  • Cuisinart: It is known for having amazing user reviews along with budget-friendly machines. 
  • Chefman: It may be a little underrated but it has some exciting features to offer. 
  • Bodum: It is the best brand if you want French press coffee. 
  • Breville: It is an extremely durable brand if you’re ready to spend a great deal of money on a coffee machine. 

So, choose your machine wisely to make full use of it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Coffee Machines Worth Buying? 

Yes, according to my, coffee machines are definitely worth buying. These machines can save up your money on expensive coffee cups, time, and lastly, are available 24×7. 

How Can I Clean My Coffee Machine? 

You can clean your coffee machine by pouring equal parts of vinegar/lemon and water into the reservoir. 

Once this is done, keep a filter in the machine’s basket and turn on the brewer. Then, turn off your machine and let the vinegar clean up the carafe. Then, turn it on to finish the brewing process.

After How Much Time Should I Clean My Machine? 

It is recommended to clean the machine after every use. You need not clean it thoroughly. 

For cleaning it deeply, do it after every two or three months. 

How Long Can Coffee Machines Work? 

The life expectancy is usually dependent on the brand and model you’re using. However, if it is a great one, it can last up to six to eight years. 

Life expectancy also depends upon how much you use it, its maintenance, and regular cleaning. 

Final Thoughts

Getting a proper coffee maker can bring about caffeine-induced heaven right at your feet. You won’t have to worry about not getting your daily dose of coffee whenever you need it. 

The best part? These machines also come in budget-friendly options. So, get your own coffee maker and get high on energy!

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