Skip the Gas Station Coffee with the Best Travel Coffee Makers

When you’re out on the road, traveling from place to place, finding quality coffee can be hard. Rather than leave your caffeine fix up to fate, make your excellent coffee with some of the best travel coffee makers! No need to skip your espresso fix while you’re traveling when you pick up one of these beauties.

These portable methods of brewing work great when you need to get a cup of coffee at your desk too! Skip the caked-over coffee pot in the common room and brew yourself something great right from the comfort of your workstation.

AeroPress Go

This handy little device has become a popular option for coffee fanatics in the last few years. This is one of the best options for portable coffee makers and does the same great job of brewing coffee or espresso that its big brother version does.

The entire coffee maker is not much bigger than a coffee mug and is still very lightweight. All you need to do is add coffee and hot water and you’re set! The AeroPress is also infinitely customizable so you can create your cup of coffee to your complete satisfaction before trying something new.

Take this AeroPress out on a camping trip or the road for work. You can also keep this in your kitchen as an easy way to make a good shot of espresso! You won’t need to buy a big fancy machine to pull a quality espresso shot for your next latte creation.

Wacaco Pipamoka

This is a unique design that makes a great cup of coffee when you’re out and about in the world. The entire thing is a vacuum-pressure brewer that’s engaged by twisting it. Start by filling the brewing chamber with coffee and the insulated container with water. Drop the coffee part into the water and it will settle to the bottom.

Air bubbles will start to show and when they’re out you’ll start twisting. This moves the brewing part up and out of the mug and the insulated portion will keep your coffee hot for hours on end. The method does wonders with lighter roasts and pulls out some of the best flavors for your cup of coffee.

Primula Moka Pot

Moka pots have long been in circulation around Europe and they make a quality brew wherever you decide to call home! These pots make an “almost” espresso that’s great for any type of coffee drinker.

While this is a great method for coffee, it does require a hot plate or stove to work. So you may need to get a little creative when you’re setting up this method. But this is a sturdy design that will carry you from campgrounds to your own home office!

Bodum Travel Press

Let’s face it: French press is an excellent and more standardized way of making a great cup of coffee even when you’re on the go! And you’re not likely to find a good French press at the local convenience store.

When you’re stuck in that sort of situation, you can pull out this little travel press and whip up a brew of your own. The entire thing is made of stainless steel so your coffee will stay hot for hours on end even when you’re out and about in the world! Simply add coffee grounds and hot water, wait the appropriate amount of time, depress the plunger and you’ve got a delicious cup of Joe!

This version used to come with an exchangeable travel lid but the plunger lid does have a spill-resistant cap so you can drink while you’re out on the road and not worry about losing any of the precious drink!

Palmpress Coffee Press

No need to worry about all the extra things when it comes to brewing with this little beauty! There are no filters, no cleaning brushes, nothing so it keeps it simple when you’re out camping or on the go for the fourth or fifth time this week.

With a simple brewing method and no extra pieces needed, you’ll end up with a beautiful cup of coffee that’s almost devoid of bitterness. The method itself does require some pressure so make sure you have a mug that’s sturdy enough to withstand the pressure when you’re pushing down to make a cup of Joe.

Dripkit 10-pack Pour-Over Packets

The problem with making your coffee on the road is that you need a method of brewing, the filters, and the coffee itself to make your favorite beverage anywhere you go. Dripkit makes it a bit easier by creating simple, disposable pour-over coffee packets that you can open and pour water over on top of a mug.

You won’t have many choices when it comes to the roast for your coffee but the coffee roaster they partner with has created a delicious offering. The packs themselves can get more expensive but what you spend on the packets, you save in the packing room and coffee spilled in your bag!

The Final Touches

Brewing coffee on the go is the best way to keep your tongue from tasting those gas station cups when you’re out and about. Set up your new favorite method for brewing in your hotel room, office, or out at the campsite!

These brewing methods may be a bit pricier and often range between $20-$40 depending on the method you choose. Factor in the cost of the coffee you choose and a modest budget for filters and filtered water as well.

No matter what type of brewing method you choose, the type of coffee you use, the filtered water, and the heat of your kettle all play a major factor in your overall cup of Joe! Don’t hesitate to research and test out your method of brewing before you hit the road so you can be sure you’re precise with the equipment and ingredients before heading out. The more precise you can be, the better cup of coffee you’ll be able to brew!

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