Want an Espresso Machine? Here’s What to Look For

The reality that we have all come to recognize is that we need coffee to get us going in the morning, and the afternoon, and even in the evening. With that said, a number of us have recognized that it has to go beyond that. That is why a large group of the population has turned to espressos. Drinking espressos provides a bolder taste in a quicker fashion than that of your traditional prepared coffee drinks.

Before going out to your nearest store to buy an espresso machine, you should probably understand the difference between an espresso machine and a coffee machine. Let’s discuss a few of the basics just to ensure that you are making the best decision moving forward. One thing to account for is that espresso is technically coffee.

The big difference though between espresso and your traditional coffee is how it’s prepared and how the beans are grinder. To make an espresso, you will be dealing with beans that have been ground as fine as possible. Along with the graining, espresso is made using a specialized machine that gives off a great amount of pressure to make the espresso very quickly. Its coffee counterpart can rely on a coarser grind of beans and can take a number of minutes to make.

Now that we have identified the basics, let’s look at more specific details to make your espresso experience a great one. You have to identify where in the espresso continuum you currently find yourself in. To ensure that we are addressing all types of espresso users, we will go from foundational expresso knowledge to more advanced.

For Starters: Is it Durable?

Before purchasing any machine, you should first determine how much it can handle. When considering an espresso machine, this is even more important. If you are looking into a professional-grade espresso machine, it should be able to run day and night without any problem. However, if you are going with the more cost-effective version, then it is possible for it to overheat and even break.

One of the main functions of having an espresso machine is that it needs to handle a large amount of pressure. If you go for a cheap option, this might not be able to meet your needs. Another factor to account for is the capacity of coffee beans that the espresso machine can hold. He will also need to know if there’s an external grinder that comes with it. One other area we don’t want you to overlook is that of the water capacity as you want to know how many espresso cups you could make in one session.

Wait a Grinding Minute

When thinking of grinding capacity, you must account for the fact that there are two types of grinding in espresso machines. Some machines have a built-in grinder and others have an external grinder. Keep in mind, the more expensive machines are the ones that come with the built-in grinder. If that is something you could do without, an external grinder will work just fine.

With that said, if you purchase an espresso machine that comes with a built-in grinder you will notice that it is not only more convenient but there is an additional step. Make sure to take your ground-up coffee and place it into the basket. Don’t fret, there are machines out there that will do that for you. Modern technology is pretty awesome!

I’m Holding Water

Water is super important when making an espresso! Although that goes without saying, you need to be aware of how much water your espresso machine can hold to make 8 cups of espresso. If you happen to have an espresso machine with a small filling spout, make sure you have a funnel close by. Some of the larger espresso machines are to be used by connecting to a water source, either a water dispenser or a refrigerator. Before you sign up for one of those fancy machines, make sure you find out whether you need piping adjusted to accommodate your new espresso machine.

It is extremely important to account for how much water is in your espresso machine so you can predict how many servings you’ll be able to make. Trust me, you do not wanna go until morning thinking you can make so many servings and then disappoint your partner that you were wrong. To avoid such a disaster, take into account the serving size and figure out how much you can get from your new espresso machine.

It’s Good to Froth

One of the advantages of having an espresso machine is that it can make espresso-based drinks like macchiatos, lattes, and cappuccinos. If you enjoy these types of drinks then you will definitely need a froth or to pressurize your milk. One of the great benefits of being able to make these types of drinks is that now you can avoid standing in line at popular coffee shops to pay an extraordinary amount of money for just a cuppa coffee. Do you have now taken control of your espresso needs and can choose how and when you will get those needs met. Who knows maybe you will be the expresso home of envy by your family and friends.

The good news is that most espresso machines come with a frother. If it does not come with a frother then you might consider one that does. The reason for doing so is to ensure that your espresso machine can do more than just make espresso.

Keep it Clean

As you consider the different varieties of espresso machines, one of the most important things to account for is how easy it is to clean. The reality of making the espresso is that it will get messy. However, you should be dealing with a machine that allows you to disassemble it to clean and then reassemble it somewhat easily. It can be a pain to clean the espresso machine, however, it is extremely important to do so to keep it operating at a top-level.

There are various areas to clean so make sure you account for all of them. Everything from the frothing equipment to the cups, and the water receptacle will all need to be cleaned as they are exposed to constant moisture and need to be dried well for it to continue to function for years to come. One last thing to consider when planning to clean your espresso machine is to use the correct type of soap to clean these very sensitive parts. If the soap is not rinsed fully, it could cause your espresso to taste horrible. You do not want this to happen so please pay close attention when cleaning.

One of the details that is currently overlooked is the idea of the material the espresso machine is made of. If it is a stainless steel machine, you should really look into stainless steel wipes or cleaning products so it can clean it to your liking. The last thing you want to do is use an incorrect product to clean your new machine and cause it to streak or even cause surface damage. Espresso machines are somewhat pricey so you want to make sure that you are cleaning it and caring for it as you would any other of your valuable items.

Where Can I Put It?

As you are considering buying an espresso machine, you need to stop to think about where it will live. Specifically, where on your counter space would you be put in it. Some people will leave it on the counter to use on a daily basis. Others want a machine that they can use from time to time and then stored away for another time. Before you commit to purchasing an espresso machine, you must identify which of these two scenarios you will subscribe to. That then intern will determine what machine is best for you.

Make sure you take into account the weight of the machine as it may be difficult to move it around. If you are going to choose to store it, keep in mind that it will possibly get dusty or banged up by other things in storage. So be strategic as to how you go about deciding where to put your new espresso machine.

When finalizing where to place it, make sure it meets the needs that you wanted to provide. For example, if you are planning on using it quite often do you need to make it easily available without you having to constantly move it back-and-forth from storage. If it’s more of a seasonal item, identify where you want to place the item and then determine when it should go to storage. I can’t for some of the storage details mentioned previously so I’m sure that it does not incur damage over at the area where you are choosing to store it. The espresso machine is a wonderful machine that will look good in many places. Now it is your task to determine what that place is.

Does it Look Good?

One last thing to count for is the idea of how your espresso machine will look in the space where you’re seeking to place it. If you’re putting it in your kitchen, does it match your countertop? Will it look good on the coffee table? Or are you considering possibly even putting it on the dining table?. There is so much to account for as you seek to have it look aesthetically pleasing to your eye and to any visitors that may be stopping on by.

Be mindful of where you decide to place it as you want to avoid corners. Depending on the shape of your espresso machine it might not work well with that type of arrangement. Another detail to also account for is the material that the espresso machine is made of. For example, if your appliances in the kitchen are predominantly black or white, do you want an espresso machine that is stainless steel? You will have to account for these types of decisions as it would make sense that you want your appliances to flow using a similar color scheme.

One last detail to a cup is the length of the power cord. Sometimes the consumer decides to place them in the espresso machine too far away from the outlet. You might not want to put an extension cord in that case so you will have to find a different outlet or different placement on the countertop or on a coffee table. When perusing espresso machines in the stores, find the section on the box on the box that will tell you the length of the cord. This is a crucial detail so make sure you account for it prior to making your purchasing decision.

The Ultimate Espresso Machine Buying Guide (Video)

Final thoughts

As you consider all of these details, you will ultimately find the espresso machine that is perfect for your home. However, keep in mind that by not taking points from this article into account may affect your overall level of happiness with your machine. If you purchase a high-end espresso machine, it is capable of meeting your espresso needs for a long period of time as long as you give her the proper care it deserves. If you decided to go with this high-end machine, it probably was more expensive than that of other brands. However, if you are choosing to go with a more reasonably priced machine, please know that the level of care for that machine has to be even better as the materials are probably not as durable.

The reality in your decision-making is that you are seeking to create an espresso love story that will provide you mornings, afternoons, and evenings of happiness. That does not happen with you as a consumer researching prior to purchasing. Either way, you are deserving of having an amazing espresso experience and we hope that the information gathered from this article can make your espresso needs even more magical.

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