How To Use Magic Bullet Coffee Grinder?

All coffee fans can agree with me that you can’t compare coffee prepared with the packed freeze-dried granules with the one prepared using freshly grounded beans. This is the reason you will find many stores offering whole beans in large amounts that patrons can grind while still at the stores. Alternatively, they have made a step to carry different varieties of whole beans packed so that they will get ground at home.

In the market, you will come across various food processors and blenders for this purpose. Some can do it the best way, and others will disappoint you a lot. Thanks to the Magic Bullet machine. Designed with excellent features to complete this task for you the best way possible. Let’s learn how to use the machine;

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Adding the ingredients

Start preparing your ingredients for grinding. Before the ingredients get added to the machine, remove all parts that aren’t edible. Ensure you rinse ingredients thoroughly if they are fresh.

Follow up by chopping them into smaller chunks. This ensures they fit into the machine container. In case you get troubled by having even consistency, start making half-inch pieces.

Get the cup you will use for this process. When buying the machine, it comes along with a party mug, a small and tall cup. It’s upon you to make a selection of the one you’ll like to use. However, be using the taller one for most of the preparations you will be making. The smaller option is best when making small recipes for this case. For smoothies and drinks, you can use the party mug.

Place the ingredients in your cup of choice. Avoid filling past the indicated fill line. The fill line to the cups is usually designated by a small rim generally located below the cup’s top screws. The machine got designed to hold content of about 530 ml.

Operating the machine

Once you’re done with preparing the ingredients, on the cup, place the lid tightly with the correct blade. Out there in the market, most of these machines usually come with two blades. The first option being the flat razor used for chopping and grinding ingredients that are hard like the nuts and the coffee beans and whipping different foods like butter and cream. The other blade is the cross blade for grating, mixing and pureeing foods. In case you got a magic bullet with a single blade, then that is the Cross Blade.

Next is placing your cup at the power base. Ensure everything is tightened with the right blade and turn it upside down. Follow up by lining up the tabs located on the power base and cup and set it in place.

On the cup press down so that it’s turned on and release to have it turned off. Get yourself ready to blend, to do it, start by pressing down on the cup. These machines work efficiently and quickly; users should pay attention to the process. Let it go whenever you need to stop the process.

In case you need pureed food, you should lock or hold the machine in place. If it’s for creamy smooth textures the Magic Bullet should be left to run continuously. You should always stay cautious not to keep the blade running for a minute plus at a time. This will bur the machine motor lending it permanent damage.

In case you need to serve chunky food, the cup should be pressed to the base and released. The blade should make stop ultimately and press downward direction again. You will have the kind of food you need.

If the cup ingredients turn thick, shake well the cup. Whenever there emerges trouble with the set ingredients, maybe they start clumping and that they aren’t reaching the blade, also shake the cup well. Shaking can be done by removing the cup and from its base position and replace it after finishing. Likewise, this can be done by holding the entire assembly securely. Follow by shaking the content while pulsing.

Once the process is complete, get the cup from the base and have the lid unscrewed. If the ingredients should be left in the cup, twist them in a resealable lid or on the comfort ring.