5 Best Reusable K-Cups on the Market 2021

What is a K cup? Well, if you are an avid coffee drinker, then you probably already know the answer to this question, but if you are not, we are here to let you know. In general, K cups are coffee or tea, and also more recently cappuccinos and hot chocolate, that are sealed in a type of cartridge that is usually or regularly a plastic cup. The cartridges have plastic rings that are covered with foil on the top portion of the cup. Inside the capsule or cup is lined with filter material that keeps the coffee itself contained while it is brewing.

When you actually place a K cup in a brewer that is compatible with the cup itself, there are two small needles that work to puncture the lid of the K cup as well as the bottom. Then, water will flow into the top, extract the coffee in the cup, and flow through and out the bottom, as the water flows through the filter paper and into your mug or cup.

Now, with these K cups, they are not typically reusable. They are generally for one-time use. This causes a tremendous amount of waste on a daily basis. There are so many people that drink coffee, tea, cappuccinos, and hot chocolate, and there are so many people that use K cups. Looking at these numbers, we are creating exponential amounts of waste each and every day. It is important for us to do our part to help preserve our planet and the limited or finite resources that we have at our disposal. We are not saying to not drink your tea or coffee, and we are not saying to not use K cups. However, we have found a solution to allow you to help contribute to the longevity of our planet while still getting your caffeine fix. The answer is: Reusable K Cups.

We have looked high and low to find the best reusable K cups on the market and are going to get into the nitty-gritty of each of them below. We did the hard work and the research so you do not have to. All you need to do is decide which one of the options below sounds the most appealing and attractive to you and go from there. Next time you use a reusable K cup to make your drink, as opposed to a regular K cup, just remember that you are contributing positively to our planet and to all future generations.

6 Reusable K Cups Universal for Keurig

With these reusable K cups, you will certainly get a lot of bang for your buck! These reusable K cups are designed so that you get the most and the best out of your coffee, tea, or whatever beverage you decide to make. These cups specifically are made with incredibly safe material and are LEAD and DEHP free as well as 100% BPA free. Although these reusable K cups are not the Keurig brand themself, they are actually compatible with almost all coffee makers, and that includes coffee makers of the Keurig brand.

Another great thing about these reusable K cups, more specifically, is that you can use them to make your absolute favorite coffee. These reusable K cups, to a certain extent, work similar to filters and allow you to get the most out of any ground coffee beans that you choose to use. Additionally, they are incredibly eco-friendly and affordable allowing you to help save the planet as well as your bank account! Most customers had nothing but positive reviews with over two thirds of those that purchased these reusable K cups giving the product a four out of five star rating.

For this product, you can actually purchase either a set of 4 K cups or a set of 6; the choice is entirely up to you. One user complained that the reusable K cups did not work with their K150 or K155 Keurig machines. However, this may have been a single, specific case. Apart from that, it is significant to recognize that the product is very compatible and user-friendly. By paying a low price for such impeccable quality and the freedom and ability to make any of your most liked coffees, this is such a great deal! Out of all of the reusable K cups out there, this was one of the options with the greatest, most positive reviews. You likely will not be disappointed with this purchase if you are looking for a new way to brew your fresh cup of coffee or tea while also, simultaneously, making a difference and impact on our planet.

What we liked:

  • High Quality
  • Smart Design
  • Low Price

What could be better:

  • Some fine coffee grains can seep through the mesh

Reusable K-cup Filter for Keurig

These reusable K cups are actually completely compatible with your Keurig Single cup brewers! A huge advantage of these cups is that they are incredibly durable and they are so easy to use. Overall as well, these reusable cups are made for effective functionality as well as longevity. They will last you a very long time. The material for these reusable cups is actually a very high quality 18/8 stainless steel filter, micromesh. The lids for the reusable cups are made of siliconeO-rings to secure a snug fit, and the plastic that they are made with is resistant to higher temperatures.

Additionally, these reusable cups are LEAD, DEHP, and 100% BPA-free. With these reusable K cups, you will be able to brew or make your most desired or preferred coffee brands, meaning that they do not just have to be of the Keurig brand. These reusable cups allow you to make single cups without having you go through any errors or error codes. In general, with these reusable K cups, you are able to save by lowering the cost of your K cups and saving around 80% compared to actually purchasing and using one-time use K cups for your coffee makers or machines. This allows you to increase your value while enhancing your ability to make more personal and individual choices and decisions about your beverages like tea, coffee, etc.

For less than $10, these incredible reusable K cups can last you a very long time. With these cups, you can actually brew any and all of your favorite coffees. It does not necessarily need to be Keurig. This is a huge plus for most people and customers. The filtered K cups fit perfectly into any Keurig single cup brewer system. Being very durable and also easy to use makes for much more effective functionality for customers as well. Another huge plus for these cups is that they are dishwasher safe, meaning that you do not have to get your hands dirty trying to wash them. Also, using a dishwasher is another way to help reduce your carbon footprint and contribute positively to the planet, in addition to purchasing and using reusable K cups. Remember to continue reducing, reusing, and recycling.

A great thing about this product specifically is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you as a customer are not satisfied for any reason with your purchase then the company will issue you a full refund without asking any questions. This level of customer service and support is reassuring when making any kind of purchase.

What we liked:

  • Easy to use
  • Durable

What could be better:

  • Could come in more colors

Reusable K Cups Eco Friendly Stainless Steel

For these reusable coffee filters or K cups, they are compatible with almost all of the Keurig models. It is designed and fabricated with the best quality, using 100% BPA free materials and mesh that is stainless steel. Surprisingly, for the incredible quality that comes with these reusable cups, you do not have to pay an arm and a leg. The price is actually extremely reasonable and affordable, allowing just about anybody to get into the reusable K cup game.

Also, the fact that these reusable K cups are such a huge hit with any single or double serve Keurig machine gives customers so many options. One of the best parts of these reusable K cups, if we were to get into the specifics, is that it is incredibly easy to use, making the whole process and system of making coffee hassle free and void of needing to swap out Keurig filter holders or the need to tamper with any sort of fit. These reusable or refillable K cups are able to seamlessly slide or fit into just about any coffee brewer, including all Keurig coffee machines.

When purchasing through Amazon, you will be able to select between purchasing a 4 pack or a 6 pack. One very important thing to note is that this specific product does not work at all with the K400 Keurig machine, both the compact as well as the mini versions. This should serve as a reminder to always read the fine print and to know what you are purchasing before doing so. In general though, this product is so easy to use with any other Keurig machine or coffee brewer. It fits seamlessly and easily into almost every Keurig machine and brewer. The great quality of the product also serves as a huge positive and selling point.

With the company itself, they offer super beneficial customer support. They are truly there for their customers, always ready and willing to answer any and all questions. They provide unique and unmatched support and customer service. Another unique aspect of the company is that they actually offer a no-questions asked, one-year policy that comes along with lifelong customer support for any and all purchases made through the company.

Lastly, don’t forget that with this product, you will be reducing your carbon footprint. This is huge! It will allow you to one day tell your grandchildren that you did something to reduce waste, reuse, and recycle, things that we have been preached to us and that we have continued to preach over the years.

What we liked:

  • Economical
  • Premium Quality

What could be better:

  • Does not work with K400 (specific Keurig machine), Compact and Mini

Perfect Pod Cafe Save Reusable K Cup Pod

Purchasing reusable K cups is always a struggle with the great variety out there. These reusable K cups though are such a hit! They are made to work with close to every single kind of coffee maker out there. Similar to most reusable K cups, they are made with a stainless steel mesh strainer, which is actually encased here with a 100% BPA free material or refillable housing for the coffee pod. Specifically, these reusable K cups have been tested multiple times for their compatibility, and the results showed that they are again guaranteed to be compatible or work with almost all kinds of coffee makers. These refillable, reusable K cups or coffee cups allow you to save so much money that it is not even funny! They definitely offer a great amount for value for your buck!

They are more so designed for individuals that are budget focused or conscious and love drinking coffees. The capsules are refillable and great for Keurig coffee machines, allowing you to save around 80% as opposed to pre-made or pre-filled K cups, or any store-bought coffee pods. There is no reason to pay more money at retail values or prices when you are able to buy a full bag of any kind of coffee or coffee grounds container that you like and fill your K cup on your own.

With these reusable K cups as well, you are able to brew fresher cups of coffee. The empty refillable K cups give you the chance to use any freshly-ground coffee beans that you like. In comparison to store-bought coffee pods or cups that can turn stale after having sat on shelves for who knows how long, you are able to grind fresh coffee grounds for yourself and use them inside your Keurig coffee brewer or making, or any other single cup coffee machine that is compatible. These specific cups also come with a compatibility chart showing all the tried, tested, and proven coffee machines for this specific product.

Another unique and excellent aspect of this specific K cup is that it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all its customers. The brand as well as the product, Perfect Pod, is here for its customer base. If customers are unhappy or dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever, all they need to do is let the company know. The company is then willing to either offer the customer a refund or a replacement for the product.The customers’ satisfaction as well as providing an absolutely amazing shopping experience is very important to the company as a whole. They aim to build trust, please, and create a long-lasting relationship with their customers from around the world.

What we liked:

  • Quantity (Pack of 6 instead of the average 4)
  • Eco Friendly

What could be better:

  • Typically produces weaker coffee (depends on your preference)

Maxware 2 Reusable Refillable Coffee Filters

When it comes to K cups, these Maxware ones are definitely one of the best ones out there! Somebody actually said that they had actually completely stopped or quit using their Keurig because of the amount of waste that they were producing and because of the lack of K cups that were working for them and their taste. However, when they found these Maxware K cups, they started using their Keurig coffee maker again, making this user’s or customer’s comment or review of this K cup a testament to how compatible these K cups are with Keurig machines.

With these cups, you are able to utilize your own gourmet or any brand of ground coffee to brew. All you have to do is fill up your reusable filter or K cup with the best coffee and place it in your coffee brewer, similar to any regular K cup. Another great thing about purchasing this reusable or refillable K cup is that you have options to purchase anywhere between a 2 and 12 pack. Because of this, you can actually purchase more and use them as stocking stuffers or gifts for your friends and family as well.

With this product, you are able to replace your one time use coffee filters, both cups and pods. These reusable K cups work to replace single use filters regardless of brand, Keurig or other. Most customers cannot stop raving about this product. They have used it to completely replace any and all other kinds of coffee making methods that they were previously utilizing. Overall, this product is incredibly high quality and can make the perfect cup of coffee without any grounds. Being incredibly easy to clean as well as refill, this is a great option for anybody looking to contribute positively to the planet while having a deliciously, smartly brewed cup of coffee or tea.

What we liked:

  • Compatibility with Keurig machines
  • Environmentally Friendly

What could be better:

  • Does not work well with K50 for some individuals


What is a K Cup versus a coffee pod?

Similar to K cups, coffee pods are typically coffee or tea. Unlike K cups, coffee pods, or pods, are sealed in filter paper. They usually have round and flat shapes that are typically pliable and soft. Sometimes, coffee pods are wrapped individually in foil, or they can also just be packed loosely in resealable, larger bags. Another name for pods are also coffee pads. For both K cups and coffee pods, they are usually single-serve. That is unless you purchase a reusable K cup. If you are interested in purchasing a reusable K cup, we would highly advise you to look through the options provided above.

Why is it called a K Cup?

For K cups, the name originates from its manufacturer: Keurig. Keurig trademarked the name “K Cup” for their single serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cappuccino cups that customers can just pop or place into their Keurig coffee machines at home. One of the main differences between these K cups and K cup “pods” are the actual paper or filter paper that lines the inner surfaces of the K cup or coffee pods.

How do I make stronger coffee using a reusable K Cup?

With reusable K cups, one of the important things to note is that you pour in your own ground coffee beans. Because of this, you are not only in charge of the coffee that you make but you are also in charge of the strength of that coffee. If you are looking for a richer, stronger flavor and caffeine concentration, make sure to use hotter water and more coffee in your filter. You can measure out a higher proportion of ground coffee if you are looking for a higher caffeine concentration to get you through the day.

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