☕Best Milk Frother For Almond Milk

A fine, creamy milk frother is indispensable for the perfect cappuccino or latte macchiato. Vegans and cow’s milk refusers can switch to soy milk, oat milk or almond milk instead but their foamability varies.

What is in the milkfoam?

There are three main components of cow’s milk that are responsible for a good milk frother: The first is lactose, which emphasizes the milk’s inherent sweetness when it is frothed. Added to this is the milk protein, which makes the foam firmer and finer, as well as the milk fat, which provides the taste.

The more fat, the rounder the taste of your cappuccino or lattes. Many also speak of nuts or caramel notes, which can produce a greasier milk in combination with coffee or espresso.

Milk Substitutes: Oat Milk and Other Alternatives

The more conscious consumption of coffee and even milk demands a real alternative, especially for lovers of latte and cappuccino. Anyone who has ever made oat milk or almond milk knows that it is not milk in the classic sense.

Nut or cereal milk is rather a mixture of crushed or ground nuts or cereals and water which is soaked over a certain period of time and then strained. Are the proteins and fats in nuts and cereals sufficient to produce a fine milk foam like that of cow’s milk?

Foaming milk: How good is soy milk, almond milk or oat milk?

Both nut and cereal milks such as oat milk or almond milk are delicious for connoisseurs of cappuccino. Especially when they are homemade. However, the barista of your favourite café knows about their poor foaminess due to the lack of or too low milk protein content.

Soy milk is still the most suitable ingredient for latte art. The art of milk on cappuccinos that is what experts call it. It tastes relatively neutral and foams comparatively well.

Oat milk: Barista special editions

However, the consumer still determines the market and the food industry has heard and understood the desire for foamable milk substitutes. For this reason, there are already so called barista editions for milk substitutes such as oat milk, which can be foamed up better due to added fats and proteins and taste good at the same time. The foamable oat milk foamable from Oatly, for example) can also be bought in Germany from Amazon.

On the American market, selected coffee shops now offer other varieties, such as almond milk and coconut milk, which promise the best foamability.

Are commercial milk substitutes real alternatives?

If you look at the list of ingredients of such commercial special editions, the question arises as to whether one should not ultimately do without the much loved milk foam. Many alternatives contain added fats and proteins, such as rapeseed oil in Oatly’s foamable oat milk.

In addition there is the price: 7 to 20 euros for a 1 litre pack of foamable. Even the best coffee shops won’t be able to convince their guests if they assume that the high price will be passed on to the cappuccino. So what to do?

Milk frother homemade

The barista loves his high quality organic farmer’s milk, it foams well and tastes excellent in cappuccino. So he will always tell you that there is no real milk substitute next to it and will advise you to drink black coffee if in doubt.

However, there are now cafés in larger cities that offer homemade nut milk in addition to other homemade drinks and food. Compared to the commercial varieties, it not only tastes better, but also foams well if the right recipe is used.