Best Hazelnut Coffee Brand Reviewed

Flavored coffee is a trend among coffee lovers and also one that is a controversial topic. Some coffee lovers argue about the quality of the beans used in making flavored coffee and how these flavors mask the coffee’s original taste and smell.

Some other people are more receptible to flavored coffee, seeing it as a great way to put to use inferior coffee beans that might otherwise end up in the trash. One of the popular flavors for flavored coffee lovers is the hazelnut; the coffee’s flavor is gotten by adding oils during the roasting process.

Hazelnut coffee not only provides you with the delicious taste you love, but it is also a source of vitamins for your body. There are different hazelnut coffee on the market, and you might be confused about making the best choice.

We will debunk the secrets behind the sweet-smelling cup. The choices we made here are based on value, flavor, and fragrance.

Seattle’s Best Coffee Toasted Hazelnut

Seattle best is considered one of our best choices for hazelnut coffee because the company is committed to using premium beans in making this coffee; if you are one of those coffee lovers who believe inferior beans is used in making flavored coffee, you don’t have to worry about that with this brand.

The coffee is gotten from Latin America, and it’s 100% Arabica. As a major known roaster, the company ensures high standards by sampling the coffee all through the roasting process. The medium roast has a sweet aroma, nutty notes, and a smooth taste.

Although not 100% natural, people found the flavor subtle, mellow, and not at all artificial tasting or bitter, which is what you will get when you buy cheaper brands.


  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Made from best quality beans
  • Sweet and nutty aroma

What We Loved

  • Lacks acidity
  • Reasonable price
  • A hint of bitterness
  • Fine ground for bunch and full flavors

What Can Be Improved

  • It has a light layer of coffee dust
  • The ground is too fine for a drip coffee maker

Don Francisco’s Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Ground coffee

This medium bold coffee is from a company with lots of practical coffee products. The coffee is creamy and nutty and has hints of French vanilla and coconut. The coffee’s origin is not from Hawaii as the name might depict, but rather the exotic flavor.

Made from coffee beans that are 100% Arabica roasted medium, the hazelnut flavor is not overpowering, nor does it taste too artificial. The company encourages green living, which is why this coffee brand comes in recyclable cans to reduce inappropriate waste disposal in the environment.


  • Rich hazelnut aroma
  • 100% Arabica
  • Artificial & Natural flavor

What We Loved

  • The hints of coconut
  • Recyclable container
  • Fine ground

What Can Be Improved

  • A bit pricey

SF Bay Cofee Hazelnut Crème

The San Francisco bay hazelnut coffee is a naturally flavored blend of wild German Hazelnuts, a touch of cinnamon, and smooth Madagascar vanilla cream to give you a sweet and slightly flavored taste with a distinctly nutty finish. It comes as whole beans, giving you the opportunity of grinding the beans yourself for a fresh taste.

You are confident of the beans’ quality because it is 100% Arabica and sourced from Central America; to ensure the distinct flavor, only beans growing at high elevation are used. It’s medium bold roast and has an aftertaste that makes it an excellent choice for the weekends or holidays.


  • Whole bean coffee
  • 100% Arabica
  • Natural & artificial flavors

What We Loved

  • The sweet, creamy blend
  • The nutty aftertaste

What Can Be Improved

  • The packaging is not so durable
  • Pricey
  • Not enough flavor when compared to other options

Cameron’s Coffee Roasted Whole Bean Coffee Hazelnut

This brand is a uniquely handcrafted coffee blended to the smoothest and has the most flavorful hazelnut taste possible. To ensure the best quality and sustainability, the coffee is handcrafted and roasted in small batches.

The company only sources the top 10% Arabica beans globally, meaning you don’t have to worry about inferior beans for your hazelnut coffee. This unique and flavorful coffee will make you go nuts with its perfectly sweet and smooth taste. The Cameron coffee is never over-roasted, which prevents bitterness.

The process from roasting in small batches to reducing water consumption is all engineered towards sustainability. Creating positive change is all about caring for our farmers, our coffee, and the environment.


  • Uniquely handcrafted
  • Top 10% Arabica coffee beans in the world
  • Rich and flavorful Hazelnut taste

What We Love

  • Rich and fresh taste
  • Option to Freshly brew
  • Fresh beans that grind nicely
  • No bitter taste

What Can Be Improved

  • The packaging is not so durable.
  • Artificial aftertaste

New England Coffee Hazelnut Crème Medium Roast

The new England hazelnut coffee uses plant derivatives, essential oil, and a tiny portion of aromatic flavoring to make the hazelnut flavor you love. The ground coffee comes sugar-free to allow you the option of adding cream or sugar.

If you love something sweet in the evening, the velvety richness from the cream combined with the sweet, nutty flavor makes the new England Hazelnut coffee a good choice for you. It doesn’t give you the acidic aftertaste some coffee gives, neither does it taste burnt.


  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • No sugar
  • Rich and nutty hazelnut flavor
  • No burnt or bitter taste

What We Love

  • Balanced flavor
  • Made from premium beans
  • Good for diabetics

What Can Be Improved

  • You can’t use a caffeine metabolizer.

AmazonFresh Medium Roast Hazelnut coffee

One of the freshest roasted coffee you can get is AmazonFresh; a few spoonfuls in your coffee maker will get you a cup of coffee. It has a great overall taste and classic smoothness that gives you the best quality flavor.

New England people like their coffee bold; when you brew a cup, the aroma is so strong and enticing, you will be happy to wake up to each new day. However, the coffee itself is not as strong as it smells, but it has a bold flavor that lingers long after you have had your coffee.

The hazelnut flavor in the AmazonFresh is the right quantity with a natural nutty flavor. You can add pasteurized or condensed milk if you have a sweet tooth and want to enjoy the slightly bitter taste of coffee and the nutty flavor from hazelnut.  


  • Medium-light roasted coffee
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Smooth classic taste

What We Love

  • Lacks bitterness
  • High-quality flavor
  • Balanced aroma and flavor
  • Quite affordable
  • Perfect roasting level

What Can Be Improved

  • It might sometimes taste soar when brewed twice.

Folgers Hazelnut Decaf Coffee

This decaffeinated ground coffee is 99% free of caffeine; the remaining 1% makes up 2-4 mg of caffeine per serving. For other standard brands of Hazelnut coffee, per serving contains 60-80 mg of caffeine.

If you love coffee and also into intermittent fasting, this product is a better option for you than any other Hazelnut coffee. If you consume too much caffeine while fasting, you will most likely feel wired – jittery.

It’s named decaf but tastes like your regular hazelnut coffee – delicious and with nutty aroma. This hazelnut ground coffee has natural and artificial flavoring. No chemical is added on the outside of the coffee beans; what you want is what you get.


  • No chemical added
  • Decaffeinated product
  • 99% caffeine-free

What We Love

  • Good choice for intermittent fasting
  • Natural ingredients
  • Pre-grounded for easy brewing
  • Perfect for health benefit
  • Interlockings seal to keep aroma fresh

What Can Be Improved

  • A bit pricey

Green Mountain Coffee Light Roast Hazelnut coffee

The green mountain hazelnut coffee is priced affordably while still exceeding your expectations. If you are on a budget, this green mountain hazelnut coffee will not put a dent in your pocket, and you will always get quality as good as Starbucks.

The nutty flavors are smooth and overpowering, leaving your space smelling good every morning. The Keurig K-cup makes coffee making faster as it allows for easy grabbing. Also, with K-cup, you won’t need to get filters or clean them after use.


What We Love

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Best quality flavor
  • Time saved on cleaning
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy and convenient to use.

What Can Be Improved

  • It’s not made available in small towns.
  • It’s not environmentally friendly.

Starbuck medium roast hazelnut coffee

Starbuck is considered the world’s largest coffeehouse producer; they are famous for their reputable packaged coffee and delicious drinks you can get in coffee shops. The Starbuck medium hazelnut coffee is an excellent choice if you are trying to limit your caffeine consumption for health reasons.

With this decaf, you won’t miss out on your morning coffee and also not jeopardize your health. Low in caffeine but with full flavor, you won’t miss the regular type of coffee. All the flavors present in the Starbuck hazelnut decaf are 100% natural; you don’t have to worry about the artificial taste or chemical taste.


  • Natural flavor
  • Low in caffeine
  • Better option health-wise

What We Love

  • No bitter aftertaste
  • An excellent choice for people with high blood pressure
  • 100% natural
  • Fantastic flavor

What Can be Improved

  • Not dark enough
  • The bag is never full

Buyers Guide

After going through the above reviews on hazelnut coffee, below are some elements you should consider before making a purchase.


Coffee is one of the few products that can be used year after year. It’s essential that while searching for your hazelnut coffee, you look for a high-quality package as it helps to keep the freshness and aroma of the coffee.

If you have various options to choose from (resealable bags, plastic cans, metal cans), always select the metal can as it keeps oxygen out, allowing your coffee to last longer.

Roasted Level

Coffee roasting is done in three levels: light, medium, and dark; different levels have different flavors and aromas. Your coffee preference should determine your choice of roast. 

However, Hazelnut coffee is usually flavored and is often roasted medium.

Nutritional Value

Coffee with hazelnut flavor doesn’t mean added calories. In a bid to make their product sweet, some brands add extra sugar instead of natural oil. Before purchasing your hazelnut coffee, ensure you check the nutritional facts.

Flavored hazelnut coffee with high carbohydrates from sugar should be avoided.


Your budget will determine how much you are willing to spend; most good products do not come cheap. Buying bigger bags is sometimes cheaper than buying smaller bags; if you are trying a brand for the first time, you should start with a smaller bag to determine if you like the taste.

Whole Bean or Ground?

If you have a coffee grinder or intend to invest in one, you should purchase whole bean coffee as it gives you the option of brewing your coffee fresh. If you do not own a coffee grinder, you can buy the pre-grounded beans and store them in airtight containers, but you will be missing out on fresh coffee taste and flavor.


The flavor is another option to consider when purchasing hazelnut coffee. A taste that’s fresh and aromatic with plenty of hazelnut cream is something to consider.


I have nut allergies. Can I drink hazelnut coffee?

Yes, you can. Hazelnut flavor in coffee is not gotten from nut extracts; it’s gotten from a combination of natural and synthetic flavor chemicals. To be safe, check the brand you want to purchase first.

How else can you make your coffee hazelnut flavored?

If you want a different way to make your hazelnut flavor, add hazelnut syrup to your freshly brewed coffee instead of using hazelnut flavored coffee.

Is the Hawaiin hazelnut coffee grown in Hawaii?

The Hawaiin hazelnut beans are not grown in Hawaii. Instead, the name references the connection between the vanilla, coconut, and hazelnut exotic flavors associated with Hawaii (beautiful beaches and landscape).

Hazelnut or not?

This will be dependent on preference. Some people like their coffee with nothing masking its taste, others like the flavored options and are open to trying different flavors.


We hope the review above has taught you that there is more to coffee than black. When next you are not certain which coffee to purchase, give hazelnut coffee a try.

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