Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

New to coffee? Feel free to check out all of our beginner friendly guides on everything you need to know about coffee. From what beans are best, to how to whip up that perfect cup that makes you happy you don’t have to go back to Starbucks. If you are more interested in information, check out our blog to learn specifics about coffee, like what kinds of decaf beans are best and how much caffeine is too much. Make everyday a coffee day here at Leascoffee.


How to Froth Milk at Home

Your love for Coffee is not by chance. Quality Coffee goes through thorough selection processes before it becomes your favorite latte, cappuccino, or other espresso


How To Become A Barista

The coffee profession has many career opportunities like a taster or a coffee journalist, but the spotlight is always on the barista. Lattes, cappuccinos, mochas,


How to Tamp Espresso

If you love espresso and always wish to make a great one, it is essential you get a good tamp. If you do not know


How to Grow a Coffee Plant

You may be surprised to find that the coffee plant grown on high production farms can become a personal home item. The Coffee industry employs


How To Flavor Coffee Beans

For coffee enthusiasts, flavored coffee beans are considered not being “on par” with unflavored coffee. However, different people have different preferences regarding their coffee, and


Why is Starbucks So Popular?

Starbucks is an inseparable part of American culture. It is often the first port of call before leaving for heading for work or school. It


Why Is Coffee Called Java

Coffee goes by many names: espresso and drip – if you’re referring to how it’s made, mocha and cappuccino – if you like to call


Where Does Coffee Grow?

Essentially, everything comes from somewhere, and the aromatic coffee we start our day with is no exception. From time immemorial, coffee took its place as


How to Store Coffee Beans

After spending so much to get the best coffee beans, would it not be a shame to allow it to go to waste – even


Why Coffee is Good for you

Contrary to what many health experts and other laypeople just like you and I used to think about Coffee, research keeps revealing new health benefits


Best Instant Decaf Coffee

Drinking coffee isn’t all about caffeine. For many, it’s about the ritual, the flavor, and the feeling of warmth you get both physical and emotional


What Is a Cortado Coffee?

We’ve all been there. You’re in line at your favorite coffee shop waiting to order. Maybe it is a latte you want, or maybe it