Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Everybody loves a good cup of coffee. Here at Leas Coffee you can learn all you need to know about pouring an amazing cup of coffee. Whether you are here to purchase the best materials you need to become the best barista you can be, or simply want to indulge in all thing’s coffee – you are in the right place.


Here you can learn anything from the very basics: grinding beans, which grinders to use, different ways to grind beans, to the more pro-level information like how to properly steam milk to make that perfect latte.


For the hardcore coffee drinkers, we have information on all the latest and best products on the market:

New to coffee? Feel free to check out all of our beginner friendly guides on everything you need to know about coffee. From what beans are best, to how to whip up that perfect cup that makes you happy you don’t have to go back to Starbucks. If you are more interested in information, check out our blog to learn specifics about coffee, like what kinds of decaf beans are best and how much caffeine is too much. Make everyday a coffee day here at Leascoffee.

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